day 21 questions *** HELP ***
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NB - June 14

My "day 21" progesterone test came back as higher than normal levels... 25 rather than 10-15. What does that mean?


Mega - June 14

Did you take the day 21 test about 7 days after you O'ed to verify that you did O? I'd say most likely that's a good think. Dr's want to see a progesterone level of 10 to 15, but generally prefer higher than 15 if you are in fertility treatments. Though lab scales vary greatly, my RE says anything over 10 definitely means Ovulation, but to sustain a healthy pregnancy the higher the prog. levels the better, though a pregnancy can be sustained with lowish prog. levels. So I'm not saying per se that your higher level of prog. is indiciditive of pregnancy but if you are pg then you're off to a good start. I'd suggest though calling your dr for further reassurance, but again that's good that you have a higer prog. level. Good luck! Keep us posted. I hope I reassured you a bit though.



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