dates to conceive?
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Katelyn - May 5

I just started my period on May 4 so i should ovulate on May 18 (I take tests to make sure). What are the best days to have sex?


kathy - May 25

dates on when i can conceive


kathy - May 25

got my period on may 14 2005 when is the time i can get pegnut


Melissa - May 25

Hi Katelyn. If you o'd on the 18th your best days to dtd were on the 16-20. Some people would also say it could start as early as the 12th. But anything after the 20th isn't productive for baby making (just fun).


Melissa - May 25

Hi Kathy, if you have a 28 day cycle, you should be fertile around the 28th of May. Good luck.



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