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LN030905 - February 19

Hey! I saw your post on the "Af inducer?" thread I posted on and had some questions. Is it normal for ur af's to be long in between each one? Since going off bc, mine have been. I am starting to wonder if I dont have PCOS. Have you been tested for it by chance? Of course, irregular af's dont necessarily mean that you could hve it, but it was something that I am looking out becasuse I have noticed I have a few other things going on that are posted as symptoms. How long have you been ttc?


Daniela - February 19

Hi LN... I do have PCOS.... and have been ttc for almost a year now... we tried just doing it the old fashion way.... and see what happens. Well... since July 2006 I have had 3 periods... so figured things were way out of control and need help.... it took way to long to get into seeing my OBGYN.... and now he put me on Clomid... 50mg cd5-9. BUT, waiting for af to start..... hasn't shown her face since Dec.... and dr won't induce... would prefer it came on its own.... however, with that... also said that if it didn't show up by end of March to go and see him. Just playing the waiting game for now. Wish you all the best... and lots of baby dust! :-)



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