Danger Depo
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gloria - May 29

I was a virgin when i got married and took depo because my cousin took it and said it was good she stopped depo because she was getting a sis in her ovaries so doctor put her on the pill. i took it and my hucband and i can fix us a good home and make money proprley.I took depo for 8 to 9 months which is on 3 shots and got off now 1 and half year we are still trying and cant seem to concieve please help me


angeleyes31102 - May 29

Gloria I took the depo shot from march 2002-august 2003 and i have been off b/c since august 2004 and have not gotten pg prob because of depo. I understand that it can stop women from ovulating. If your ready to start trying start charting your temps, and see your gyno about tests to check your fertility. Good luck!



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