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Hannah B - March 15

For those of you who live in the Dallas area--are any of you using acupunture to assist in your fertility treatment? What type of results did you all get from them? Who do you recommend? I'm excited to hear from you all if you have suggestions. Hannah


Tink - March 15

Dr. Lin Zhou in Richardson (I live in Plano, work in Dallas near 635/75). Her website is http://www.acupuncture-dfw.
went to her from a suggestion from a friend using her. My friend is trying to go the natural route and not do clomid, IUI or IVF if she can. so she recommended it to me. I used Dr. Zhou before my first IVF cycle which started in january and just ended with my BFP on March 1st ( i am 6 weeks now!). I started seeing Dr. Zhou when i started my lupron and i saw her once a week. she adjusted the treatment based on what point i was in the cycle- when i was on stims, she did something to help increase follicles- before transfer, she helped do things that would increase my lining (and it was thick at 13mm for good implanation!). after transfer, i wasn't able to see her anymore- just scheduling and too expensive, but she can ensure your uterus is 'calm' to help along implantation etc. If you are seeing her for something else fertility related- she can definitely help. Acupuncture can help make your cycles more regular, thicken your lining and much more. not to mention it was relaxing. I paid $80 for the first appt and $65 there after. i went once a week, sometimes 2 depending on the point in the cycle. it took an hour each time- about 5 minutes to put the needles in, then you relax for the next 50 minutes! i do recommend it and it helped my stress level at the very least during IVF. i do think it helped with my lining too!! it can help blood flow to the uterus. good luck! where in dallas are you located?


Hannah B - March 15

Thanks Tink for the information. I live up in Allen, but work in Richardson. I read through her website today. It was interesting. So when exactly did you start going to see her? I haven't made a decision yet, but I've heard others say that acupuncture helps. Congrats on your BFP. So how far along are you exactly?


Ann1 - March 16

I went to Dr. Tao on Parker and Independence in Plano. He teaches acupuncture and has over 25 years experience. He also has a PhD in Biology from a US college. I had been ttc for over 2 years. I started acupuncture when I started my first injectibles w/iui cycle. I got BFNs and was moving on to ivf when I found out I needed surgery for fibroids. Several days before the surgery, I found out I was pg. I was still doing the acupuncture, so that was the only thing I was doing differently than the rest of the 2+ years I was getting BFNs! Dr. Tao modified the treatments depending on where I was in my cycle. I paid $60/visit.



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