D&C help get pregnant
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mcdadebaby - July 5

I was told that having a D&C done will increase the chances of getting pregnant. Does anyone know if that is true. Please Help!


lqtoo - July 5

I had a D&C a few months ago, and was advised by my doctors NOT to try and get pregnant for at least a month. Why? Because a D&C scrapes out your uterine lining. You need a whole month and one regular period to get things back to normal in there. If you DO attempt to get pregnant, chances are that your uterine lining will not be thick enough to sustain a pregnancy and it will end in misscarriage. After going through that once, no one needs the heartbreak of another one right after. Please wait at least one month to try again...good luck!


nans_n - July 5

I had D&C last december and until now we're still trying...i guess it's not true for me. But some have luck getting pregnant faster after D&C


slowpoke01 - July 5

are you talking about an hsg dye test? because i have heard that some women get pregnant within 3 months of having the dye test but never heard of D & C helping you get pregnant faster


Bubblesofjoy65 - July 6

I had a D&C in 2002 when I miscarried at 13 weeks, Since then I have had a few chemical pregs and we believe a 2nd miscarriage. IT is possible but can take longer then normal


Lynn - July 7

i had a D&C in Sept. 2005 prior to emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. i was place on bcp by my RE for 2 months as for time for healing from the D&C and a day later having a LAP to remove ectopic which also lost right tube. I am happy to report that 7 months later i am now almost 10 weeks pregnant on a natural cycle. i also have PCOS and was on 2000mg on metformin since October 2005. just wanted to share.


DH - August 16

My wife w/ PCOS, dx with endometrial hypertrophy with atypia cells (pre-cancerous). Was on Aygestin to treat it, then do a DNC. Came back normal, then tried IUI the following cycle. Got pregnant but M/C at 11 wks. Don't know if the m/c is due to the thinning lining of endo or not. Wish the pregnancy would last =(



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