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tish - March 22

ok, i beieve i ovulated on the 24 of feb. i was supposed to have AF on the 10 of march. i still don't have AF but took a hpt 2 days ago and it was neg. so if i have a cyst that is making my period late, what are the signs that i should look for? has anyone had anything like that before? or could i be pregnant and still have neg hpt's?


britneyhayden - March 23

Hey there tish well i get cyst alot sometimes and it really never affected my period but if you have a cyst you will know i do i feel like sharp pain in my left or right side of my ovary but then they usually go away and as far and the negative hpt i was a week late and still gettin negative even though i was pregnant i was about 5 weeks pregnant before i could get a positive hpt so id wait a lil then try some more or just go ahead and make the doctors appointment for a blood test hope that helps a little take care and good luck!


DeeJay - March 23

I have pcos (cysts) and had a 15 day cycle. Very unusual. I took clomid, and I got my period 9 days later, (15 day cycle), so I figured I was not preg. I took 2 hpt and both were neg. Took a second round of clomid, and I did not get my period, but had severe cramps. Took another preg test and was negative. I had spotting on and off, so docs figured it was my cysts back again. I took another preg test 3 weeks after 2nd round of clomid, and it came up positive!! I thought I got preg on 2nd dose, however, ultra sound said I actually got preg right after the first round of clomed!! So I had 1 whole period, and spotting, and 3 neg hpts, even though I was already pregnant. Oh and the ovualtion tests never showed that I ovualted!!! These cysts really screw up things!! But there is hope. I would have not know I was pregnant except that my breast started to hurt so bad, because I kept getting my period for 2 months. Good Luck .


tish - March 23

i dont have any signs of a cyst, and still no period and still a neg hpt. i have posted a question on signs of pregnancy so if this sounds familiar thats why. i can't get in to see my doctor for a blood test until april 3 and i would really like to know what is up with my body. just frustrated and need some advice. sorry.


tish - March 23

oh, yeah, one thing i left out, i have breast tenderness but only in one breast. do you think if i were pregnant i would only be tender in one breast? or is that just weird, or am i just being a fruit now?


tish - March 24

sorry to keep bugging, but grandpa viv just brought some other signs to my attention in pregnancy symptoms that i have, more saliva than usual, runny nose, and soapy discharge. and i also got my doctors office to squeeze me in next thursday. woo hoo, i will get a sure answer if AF doesn't come before then.



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