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Allison - January 11

I have cysts on my ovaries, can this cause a problem on getting pregant?


Mega - January 11

Do you have so-called polycystic ovarys? Yes, cysts on your ovaries can disrupt normal cycles & make it more difficult to get pregnant. But there are lots of treatment options out there to help you ovulate, to regulate your cycle, etc. so don't worry, you can still definitely get pregnant. You just might have to "work" harder at it. I have PCOS & polycystic ovaries, I've been using Clomid for a while now & ovulating regularly. I'm not PG yet, but hope to be soon. Hang in there. Good luck. Baby dust!


me - January 12

Cysts are bascially just follicles, so for the most part they are normal. It is not normal to have so many at once though, which can disrupt your cycles and impede ovulation. I had PCOS, but ended up ovulating naturally. If you get them every month and you are finding that you are not ovulating like your supposed to, I suggest going to an RE to get your hormones in check and possibly be put on Metformin to help regulate the cysts. Clomid helps you regulate your cycles and helps you ovulate. Good luck!



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