Cyst Scared!
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Complex Cyst - July 22

hi ladies. please help! id like your advice. i have been ttc for over a yr now. my husband & i have been thru it all. everything normal. good sperm, no endo, no hormonal imbalance, no problem with hsg test. fairly consistent cycle. i went to the drs for an ultrasound & they found a "complex 2.3cm cyst on my left ovary" my dr. said that it was probably due to ovulation. i told her that i was due for my period that next week. i also told her that i had been taking ovulex for about 2 weeks. she didnt knoow what ovulex was & told me not to worry. that im 23 & healthy ttc can take time & she would presume my cyst to be "simply due to ovulation" i dont know the diff between simple & complex. she said there are many types of complex cysts. told me to not worry & keep ttc & come back in a month to look at it again & see if its still there... this seems crazy to me bc when i look on the internet its all cancerous / cause for infetility etc.. i am worried. plus i keep thinking that maybe it was the ovulex stimulating my ovary but 2 weeks seems liek too short a time. please help! i am scared & dont knwo what to do! i want to finish the ovulex & have another 2 weeks. my husband in in the army & leaves again in a few weeks. im hoping for a miracle. this is our only slim window of oppty! i dont know when i O bc the ovulex made my period late and if i keep taking it its even more unpredictable. any ideas on a OPK to help me? thank you & god bless us with baby dust!!!!!!!!!


Lena - July 23

You've no doubtly read all the talk about follicles in this forum. A follicle, if you aren't familiar with them, grow on the ovary each month and burst open to release an ovum. This is called ovulation. The follicle is considered a simple cyst. Its one that grows and regresses on its own. Often times a persistent CL can be mistaken for a cyst on ultrasound, though they are starburst shaped and not round. A complex cyst would be a cyst that is not only persistent but grows exceptionally large. They are usually irregular in shape - like a kidney bean or hot dog. A 2.3 cm cyst is still small which is probably why your doctor is calling it a simple cyst. In comparision, the follicular cyst that you produce each month can be 2-3 cm at the time of ovulation. When taking clomid, its possible to have 3-4 follicles that range between 2-3cm at the time of ovulation. So as you can see, its a cyst like yours is certainly worth noting, but nothing to panic or lose sleep about at this time.



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