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B - April 7

how do you chart your cycle... i've tried to read but it's all confusing. do i start counting the day of my period, or the day my period stops to what day?? i'm confused. thanks for any help


L - April 7

Hey! You start the FIRST DAY of your period (the first day there is actually bleeding - not just spotting). is a great online resource for charting. Good luck!


B - April 7

ok so i start counting the first day of my period.... when do i stop counting. when should i be ovulating


Jenna - April 7

You should count the day you start you period, and then count 14 days and that is usually around the time you will ovulate....I started my period 4-4-2005, so I should ovulate 4-18-2005...
Hope this helps a little....Baby dust your way!!



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