cycts after meds
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baby1234 - August 10

Have any of you had cysts after a cycle of medication? I just went through a round of clomid and gonal f, made 4 mature follies, and had an IUI, which wan't successful. I have one cyst on each side and they're killing me. Both are bigger than any of my follies! I feel almost as bad as I did when I ovulated, and that was awful! Anyone know how long the pain will last or what I can do to help the pain? Is this from over stimulation or just some sort of side effect. Any information would be great. Stacie


isa - August 10

some doctors give bcp (birth control pills) to get rid of cysts. I had 4 cysts after being on clomid and injections and had to sit out a month but they went away on their own. There are different kinds thou. Mine happened because when the follie opened up to release the eggs they re-sealed instead of disintegrating. There are other types, blood filled ones that are worse. My pain lasted about the month. Have it checked with doc and see if he can help out with suggestions on how to deal with them.


linds99 - August 10

They call this luteinized unruptured follicles...those cysts likely had viable eggs in them, however, maybe your LH level was not powerful enough to make them pop and release the ocytetes. This same thing happend to me this last month- I did clomid 5-9 got a trigger shot HCG with 5 dominant follices (20 mm 17 mm on left ovary and 22, 17, 18 mm on right ovary.) It appears that I ovulated, with having a luteal phase and the corupus luteum raising the temps and progesterone levels, but I actually didn't because I ended up getting my period. On the next cycle day 3, I went for my ultrasound and the two dominant follicles they saw last cycle were still there, but they grew!! The left grew to 22m and the one on the right grew to 36 mm. I couldn't do meds this cycle because of them. I was pissed. These cysts usually dissipate by cycle day 5-10. I read that having a cyst over 10 mm on the ovary actually crowds the ovary and makes it hard for other follicles to grow during the cycle into dominant follicles. But, I bet your cysts will be gone within the 4 weeks, or by the time AF comes for you!! Now, weirder things have happened, some women on this forum have had cysts that have burst the next cycle and went away and they have gotten pregnant the very next don't lose all hope.


linds99 - August 10

Try not to take Aleve or any aspirin for the pain. Those two medications for pain actually could inhibit ovulation. Perhaps, if you are in that much pain, you can try a heating pad, which may desensitize them a bit and make them go down.



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