Cycles Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (06/29/06)
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Sann - June 29

Hi Girls : ) Hope the both you are doing well : ) COL - Thanks for making me feel better : ) How are you coping with the moving ... don't get yourself too tired : ) I know, you must be really busy this week. I'm on 3dpo today ... yes yes yes we're very close. Don't forget we're officially into the 2ww and don't strain yourself too much ... let the man take care of all the heavy stuffs : ) Sorry ... your niece's daughter's graduation brought back memories for you : ( We've been talking for a while now ... I know you're a strong woman : ) And God is definitely lookinggggg after you ... you have a wonderful husband by your side : ) : ) I've been so comforted, you've here been here for me all this time, just like another big sister to me : ) : ) : ) Thank you : ) Since Monday ... I haven't had any symptons except I feel bloated all time, isn't it weirdddd almost all the symptons are gone. It's definitely not my mind playing tricks on me, I sure of that. And my temp is highhhhh this morning, it's 99 F! COL ... I'm sure you'll have a great time with your family this weekend : ) By the way ... maybe you don't need to do the blood tests at all : ) : ) : ) you know what I meannnnn : ) : ) : ) I don't want to wish you luck : ) I want to wish you God Blessings : ) Val - We haven't heard from you yet ! How are doinggggg? Missed you lots : ( Sorry ladies : ( for putting you through this log in problem of mine ... must be a real hassel go back and forth looking for my posts, I'm still trying to get this solved. I hope the both of you can bear with this a little longer. Heyyyyyy ... I'm crossing my fingers and toes af doesn't show up for all of us : ) Ohhhh! I almost forgot, I'm working from home from this week and the whole of next week. The both of you will be in my prayers : ) Hear from you soon : ) Take care & God bless : ) : ) : )


COL - June 29

HI Sann, hope you are doing well, and not stressed about the 2ww, it’s awful I know :) :) :). Moving is not running smoothly, since we are moving 2 places at the same time. My husband is panicking and driving me crazy, so I took over this morning and hired movers to do the whole thing. That proves the point (men are nothing without us) : ) : ) : ). I am on 5dpo, I am not really expecting much this cycle, but as you know the hope is there, we don’t lose it. I am thinking to postpone my exam until September, I don’t think I can make it this month; too much is going in my life, Moving, visitors and exams to top it all.
Keep me posted about your symptoms, I do not have any, actually I do not think too much of any symptoms. Good luck and god bless you. TTYL


Val - June 30

I found you!!! I somehow overlooked your post on here from yesterday, but I'm glad I found you guys today! I'll probably be joining you in the tww tomorrow or Saturday. Still no ov. yet, but the cm is right so it's probably imminent. Unfortunately, unless dh's swimmers can last 4 days, I don't there there is much hope for this cycle. On the positive side, I'm only on cd17, so if I ovulate today or tomorrow, it will be the earliest of any month since I've been tracking (since April '05) so that would be good. And we should be better able to predict what next cycle will be like so dh hopefully won't have another poorly-scheduled work trip!. COL, did I read on the other post that your in-laws are coming? Good luck... I know that even the best in-laws' presence can be stressful if you are moving! SANN, are you feeling better? I know I've had some bad days lately too. My good friend just sent me some fertility meditation cds... I'll let you know if they are helpful. I know they helped her a whole lot. Gotta run... I'm home tomorrow so I'll check back for updates. :-)


COL - July 1

Hi Val, glad to hear from you , isn’t fun chasing Sann, keeping us in good shape : ) : ) : ), you see Sann how much we like you??? hiring a taxi everyday, from the Pregnancy over 35 to this section is really costly you know: ) : ) : ).Val, my family is coming, not my in-laws, its my brother and his family. They are all adults, no kids. Girl, I have a question for you, do you think it’s fair for us what we are going through? 15 days of our cycles the most valuable thing we have is our urine in the morning, and after the ovulation we have another 15 days of waiting and anxiety. What a life? I am not sure if I can take it anymore, it’s impacting everything in my life, I am not enjoying anything, I am obsessed 24 hours, I hate to say that, but this is true. I think I will give up soon, I am so tired, physically and emotionally, some times I feel I am even depressed, I cry for nothing, I irritated all the times, and everybody around me is so stupid, is this normal? I don’t think so. Sorry , I needed to vent. Wish you the best and hope to hear good news from both of you.



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