Cycles After IUD Removal
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Erika - September 28

I had my IUD removed about 3 weeks ago because my husband & I are trying for baby # 2. My cycles have always been very regular - 28 days - and although my periods almost stopped with the IUD, my cycles were still pretty much on track.
My period started (very lightly) 3 days after my IUD was removed. It only lasted for 3 short days (normal time is 7 days.) I've been testing for my LH levels regularly so we can predict when I will ovulate. I'm now on day 13 of the cycle & while my CM is very eggwhite (it has been for the past 2 days), there is still no LH postive with the test. Today I noticed that I had some brownish spotting. So I'm very confused as to what is going on & if I'm even ovulating this cycle. Will it take a couple of cycles for my body to 'get back on track' or what? (We conceived my first child when I forgot to take the pill, so I have no experience with really ttc.)

I'm curious what other people experienced with their cycles & getting pregnant after having an IUD removed. How long did it take to get pregnant?
Thanks in advance!


Michelle - September 28

I had an IUD removed in March after about 2 years. We had some trouble removing it and had to do it surgically. I had always run a perfect 29 day cycle before and had no trouble conceiving . After the IUD it took 2 months for my cycles to return properly and then I got preg then m/c at 8wks. I have heard that it can take up to a year for all to go back to normal. Hope this helps.


Phaedra - September 28

Hi Erika! I had my IUD removed on August 18th and I had strange brownish yuck about a week later. My cycles have always been 28 day to the minute but after removal, I was 32 days and much heavier. I'm currently waiting ovulation so we will see. My doc says it can make your cycles weird but it shouldn't affect conception. I got pregnant twice the first month off the pill so I was hoping the same for the IUD but it didn't happen. My doc also said since it might lengthen or shorten the cycle until it regulates, I might try OPK to increase chances. Baby dust to you :)


Erika - September 28

Thanks, Michelle & Phaedra! That's nice to know that I'm not alone with having an irregular cycle afterwards. Hopefully mine won't take too long to settle down! Michelle, I'm so sorry about your m/c and I wish both you & Phaedra best of luck & baby dust! Hopefully we'll all be BFP soon!!!


mtnlass - September 30

I wish all of you the best. I hate to rain on the good vibes here but I need to vent just a bit. I had the MIrena IUD removed Dec 2004 and have not been regular at all. Even though I barely had a period while on the IUD it came right on time nearly every month which made me so happy. So not having a period for months has come as a big shock. I once went 73 days between. I have only O'd twice maybe three times this whole year, only started charting since May. I gave myself a year to get pregnant since my daughter will be entering Kindergarten and don't want my children to far apart. I especially don't want to get into the work force and then leave again. I'm very lucky not to have to work but I feel as if I should once my children are in school. I will need to retire one day and even though I'd like to think I could count on my husband in the golden years sometimes it doesn't always work that way. My year is almost up and my husband in LA helping FEMA so there goes at least two months if I even O. I'm hoping I do so I can maybe get regular. Last month I O'd on cd 34, late but thank god a chance. I wish my husband had decided a few years earlier he wanted more. I hope every one gets pregnant quickly and doesn't have my bad run. Even after all this I would still have used the Mirena.



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