cycle question??
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michelle - May 17

i have been ttc for 4-5 months now and have been tracking my cycle which is 30-31 days. i was completely normal and regular until last month i was late 15 days. i recalculated my cycle again and was due may 25-26. i checked cm around the 9-10 when i should've ovulated based on the new dates and it was normal egg white stuff like it shouldve been. however, i started my p on may15th ten days early. so my question is should i have recalculated or just gone by my regular dates since the 15th wouldve been 30-31 days from my original date, even though it was 10 days late. anyway i am confused any help would be appreciated.


nancy - May 20

does 15 days late always happend to you? or this is the 1st time, if it is i think just use the 30-31 days cycle, coz sometimes our cycle tends to go out of date but it will go back to normal if you have a regular cycle no need to recalculate it.



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