Cycle Friends .. TTC 2007 Babies (07/07/06)
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Sann - July 7

Hi Girls : ) Sounds like everyboby is doing really fine .. I'm glad. Val - I'm on cd66 or 11dpo today still no sign of af showing. Basically .. there isn't much changes except I feel extremely hot all the time even when the aircon is on full blast : ( COL - We were worried for a while and I thought we were going to lose you : ( You have no idea how happy and glad we are hearing from you : ) : ) : ) Ladies ... I have so much to tell you talk to you from the other board. I think I will a new thread over there, I already thought a new thread name ... " MTB Buddies " i.e. MTB - Mommies -To- Be : ) What do you think ... Girls : ) Talk to you when I get home in a couple of hours : ) LOL


Val - July 9

Hi ladies... Glad to hear from you, COL! Sounds like you have been super busy. Sorry about the temp dip... I hope af will stay away. It's odd, we're all within a day of each other (in DPO) right now! I'm about 10dpo (plus or minus a day or two.) Have been having sore nipples which I don't get very often, but could be related to the clomid. Also been irritable but that could also just be cycle-related. That was one of my biggest signs last time (that plus bloating) but every other month I have a cycle where I get very irritable, so it's probably that. My poor dh has to put up with my claws coming out every so often! Sann, definitely start a thread on the other forum... I'll check for it. Take care!


COL - July 9

oh Val, i think e were posting at the same time . i will keep my fingers crossed for you :)



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