Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (07/05/06)
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Sann - July 5

Hi Girls ... : ) Sorry for not writing sooner : ( All the computers at home went "bonkers" for the past few days, IT was trying to fix this login problem ... looks like they have to "wipe out" the systems for re-installation and I might not be able to write once they they start working on it ... I'll let you girls know before hand : ) Val - I'm so happy for you, your plan is going on smoothly and I pray for you ... not to have to go back to your RE : ) So sweet of your Dh to be home a day earlier for you, his actions shows he's proactive towards ttc : ) I understand the position that you are in ... there are times I can't travel with my Dh too just too costly and income is definitely a concerned too, fertility specialist don't come cheap : ( and there are added expenses like vits, supplements, opk & hpt ( especially here in asia .. it's costly and chinese herbs aren't cheap either) I hope we get pg soon so all these costs/expenditures can be saved up and be put to better use for our babies when they arrive : ) I apologise for my post on the 1st of July ... I was venting away like a mad woman out of control : ( Val, don't worry about your temps, my temp charts looks like a staircase for this cycle : ) I have more fluctuations that the stock market : ) I almost forgot Happy Hoildays, Val : ) COL - We haven't hear from you. Please write really soon : ) You are getting me worried : ( : ( : ( Ladies ... there isn't much happening with me except that my temp had been staying on the high side went to 99.9 F on 07/02 maybe it's just the weather it's hot and humid here .. making me dizzy in the evenings no pun intended : ) Hear your updates soon : ) Tonnes of baby dust to the both of you and prayers too. Take care and God bless : ) : ) : )



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