Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (07/01/06)
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Sann - July 1

Hi Girls : ) How's everyone doing : ) Sorry : ( I didn't write sooner, had to attend a family function ... my aunt's 70th birthday. And I had to be around some my "dreaded relatives", it was "extreme torture" for me being around some of them : ( if it wasn't for my aunt (I love so much) I wouldn't have attended. To top it all, my dad requested, Dh & I sent them home (just because my cousin had to leave early with their car) ... an uncle(I have never been fond), his wife and my cousin's wife(one that I had mentioned before, gave me a "nasty" comment) all three are nasty, rude, sarcastic, selfish and arragant people. Girls, that drove me "insane" and I felt like screaminggggg through out the whole journey : ( : ( : ( and I was praying to God for peace and calm : ( I had never felt such "raging anger" all my life till last night. All three were rude and sarcastic, rattling on and on, telling us to give up .. stop ttc, I would never get pg at "rate that we ttc", they said .... if I did get pg, I would be a grandma by then and we should just adopt or have dogs instead. I felt like throwing them out of the car to the middle of the highway. I was so upset , cried the whole time when I got home and was too upset to bd ... missed an added chance for this cycle : ( The downside of being born half Chinese (both my parents are half chinese), it would be considered disrespectful and I would have "shamed" to my parents if I had told my uncle and his wife to shut up or if I had rebutted back. (cos "juniors" shouldn't "talk back to their elders" even if they're are rude and obnoxious) much for freedom of speak :( Arghhhhhhhhhhh! The "d*mned" side of this d*mn culture that I detest. Is God putting me to the test or what ????? So! So! So! Sorryyyyy! : ( Girls for venting my frustration here : ( : ( Dh & I, felt like our patience were "pushed to the extreme". I feel so guilty and sorry for putting my Dh through these family get togethers. Ohhhh! COL & Val - What should do with these people? I've tried agnoringggg, I've tried being "deaf ", "blind" and "dumb" towards these people whenever they are around, nothing seemed have to worked! Sorry again for going on and on : ( My updates, 5dpo for me. Don't seem to have any signs and symptons at all .. I guess I too upset and stressed out from last night to feel anything at this moment :( Val - So glad you found us thought we lost you there for a while. You've mentioned you're taking EPO. I read from some sites that it can help keep the swimmers active for up to 5 days or so, there is still a chance for this cycle, Val : ) I hope your Dh will be able to schdule his trips according to your cycle. I was a little upset with my Dh's work trips too. He did had some trips for this cycle but didn't travel out of Asia. He was able to make it back on the same day. Well.. I would travel with him if he not able to make it home on time. Can you travel along with your Dh on his work trips? Make a kind of like a weekend get away for the both of you: ) I think .. that might make it less stressful, well ... it's just a thought : ) When will you be seeing your RE again? I not sure what I should ask my Ob/gynae when I see her, she seem confident, I would get a positive. She did also mentioned, I could go in for a Hcg and a Progestrone shot if I get cramps or pains in the lower back. Did your RE mentioned somewhat to that? COL - You're so calm and composed about about this cycle, which what I lack at the moment. I hope you're not too exhausted with what's going on : ) taking charge of the moving and all. You must be excited : ) ... your family is visiting : ) I'm sure you'll get lots help and support from them : ) This post is a "novel" ... I hope reading would'nt be a chore for the both of you. Thanks for listening : ) LOL, Hugs & prayers of hope. Have a great weekend : ) Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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