Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (06/28/06)
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Sann - June 28

Hi Girls : ) How's everyone doing? My updates ... I'm officially on 2dpo and my temps has been up for the past 8/9 days, only had my "confirmed" +Opk on the 06/26/06, I haven't done another one ...just to be absolutely sure. Strangeee... my last dip in temp was on the 06/18/06, does that mean I ov 8/9 days after the dip .... who knows? My hormones must be a real "wacked" this cycle. I spoke to my ob/gynae yesterday morning( last week she said to call her when I get a +opk), she's kind of pleased with the news and I don't need to see till I get a +hpt (or when after af shows then I do all the blood tests). Val - Did do an Opk yet? What dpo are you on now? How was your trip? You know what ... I when back to the "Miscarriage" board ( trying to find some info for my girlfriend), I found out we were posting on the same board but never "met" .... till I started posting questions on the "Pregnant Over35" one : ) COL- Have you done your blood tests yet or when will the results be out? My Dh's niece has just got back from Cananda, she loves it there and is thinking of going back to do her masters. Girls ... I saw my girlfriend on Sunday, her heart is totally broken, for her baby (her 1st but 4th pregnancy) didn't get a chance to see this world : ( : ( : ( My heart aches and it brings back memories ... why are there so many women have to have their babies taken away : ( I guess we'll never have an answer : ( The doctors said baby had a or some genetic disorder but hasn't confirmed anything yet. It had been extremely tough for my girlfriend and her Dh ... this "quest" for a baby. Basically, they have done everything. She conceived with the help of TCM & IVF. Our circle of girlfriends ... we were so very hopeful, I guess it was not meant to be :( Nowwww ... I scared to deathhhhh ... if history repeats itself for me too : ( : ( : ( Ladies ...sorry to dampen your spirits : ( I'm just a little "off" today : ( I shall stop here .. or I'll go on being negative all over again. Tonnes of baby dusts to you. LOL : ) Talk to you soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


COL - June 28

Hi girls, hope you are doing well. Sann, I am so sorry for your girl friend, it must be really heart breaking event for her, but as I said before, everything happen for a reason, and god has his own way, we night not like them now, but eventually we will figure them out. As for me I am on 4 dpo, I got my acupuncture yesterday am still taking my vitamins. 2 days ago I went to attend a high school graduation of my niece’s daughter, she is 17 years old, she is joining university next year, she is planning on studying pharmacy : ) : ) , during the ceremony I was thinking , since me and my niece got married at the same year, if I had children at that time, I would have my child in that ceremony : ) : ). My eyes was in tears, but then I said to my self, if that happened I would have been stuck with my previous relation for ever, and I would of not seen and learn all what I learned in my life, and I would of not become what become now, so that was a good reason for me to think of that everything happen for a reason: ) : ) .Sann, don’t be scared, just do what you have to do , and leave it for god, he will take care of you, trust him he knows more than any of us. Keep the faith. God bless you and your dh. Oh I did not do my tests yet, I am lazy : ) : ) : ) naaaaaaaa I am just busy, we are going to start moving this weekend, my family arriving this weekend , its going to be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Wish me luck TTYL



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