Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (06/25/06)
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SANN - June 25

Hi COL - How you are doing : ) It's the weekend : ) I just got home from church ( I forgot my passport) and I have some time before I rush off to visit my girlfriend, she just had a MC & a D&C, a couple of days ago : ( : ( : ( (Sorry .. I didn't get a chance to write yesterday night, I was on the phone with my girlfriend). My girlfriend has been MIA for a while after IVF, for weeks she knew that this pg wouldn't hold but she kept on hoping. Baby was not progressing, finally "his" little heart gave up, it's was a baby boy. My girlfriend will be 40 on 21st July, not exactly a what I expect of a "birthday gift". I'm so sad and depressed : ( She said, she didn't want to tell me about her complications, afraid that might dampen my spirit on ttc : ( cos we had a discussion on IUI & IVF some months back that might be my and Dh next steps if I don't get pg by the end of this year. I wasn't there for her all these time : ( I knew something was wrong when she didn't return my calls, I such a lousy friend : ( should have paid a visit instead of waitinggggggg : ( Talk to you later, Dh and I have to hit the road, my girlfriend lives across the board. It's going to take us almost 4hours to get there. I'll write more when I get home tonight or tomorrow morning. Keep on the with BD work and tonnes of babt dusts to you and your Dh. Val - Hope to hear from your updates soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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