Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (06/24/06) Part 2
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Sann - June 24

Hi COL - I so glad you found our thread : ) I hear loud and clear, I have in fact slowed down quite a bit on my job cos I opted to do mainly consultation work so that I don't have to be in the office 5 days a week but my Dh has to keep his ( as a regular) to have a well to do income especially for starting a family. Well, our professions pays quite : ) you known what I mean and stress comes with the package in our line of work. The fertility specialists here very costly(my ob/gynae has a felllowship in fertility and my physcian has fellowship in TCM ) plus HPTs, OPKs and Vitamin Supplements cost alot more here than in the US and Cananda, unlike the US and Canada, insurance don't cover any fertility treatments, we are on our own. To top it all ... we bought our own home, car and motorcycle since coming back here, my Dh takes care of all these expenditures. I believe in having my own income too and I just want us to be stress free with $. Plus I don't want my education to go to waste as well. On the note of education ... it was easier getting my masters than getting pregnant which we basically have very little control. Do you agree with me? Trust me...I totally understand you frustrations, like you said we are in the same boat. Hey : ) ... try not to stress too much, I'm also trying to relax. We still have time : ) Anyway .. cd53 for me, my temp is high and I have lots of ewcm too. My ob/gynae .. she is so right, I'm ovulating really late this cycle. I was about to doubt my gynae that she maybe wrong cos when I spoke her Friday morning, she didn't seem worried or concerned at all that this cycle is taking it's time on me. She also said that she doesn't want to induce af ... afraid that it might upset the hormones further. Wish me luck : ) Enough about me, how eveything going for you and I hope your Dh to be free today, tonight and the weekend, both of get started with bd : ) Baby dusts to the both of you. Val - I hope you find us here. Talk to you soon : ) Have a nice day : ) Talk to in a couple of hours. Take care & God Bless.


COL - June 24

Good morning Sann, I am glad to hear from you, you sound in a better mood: ). I hope this long cycle will be worth while after all, I agree with your doctor about not inducing your AF, she is smart. Playing with the hormones is a risky issue, I will pray for all of us. By the way, the delayed ovulation on your side, make you, me and Val on the same time frame I would say, that’s cool : ) : ) . With regards to your job, I know good jobs come as a package, and stress is part of it, but still I keep asking, is it really worth it?? About the cost of fertility treatments in US and Canada, they re not covered by insurance, not all insurances cover such expenses, and even if they do, its limited amount you can’t exceed. As for the HPT, OPK its not covered for sure. Of course I can’t complain, in Canada all of our initial tests are covered by the health insurance from the government. I wish you the best Sann I really do, and I will not wish you a good luck, I will pray to god to help you out with this and give you what you want. I agree with you that getting your masters was easier that TTC, the master is something under your control, its based on , work hard you achieve, not with TTC, its working based on , God only has control, and without his approval nothing will happen. But you know Sann,I believe that every thing happen for a reason, and I am sure one day we will know the reason for all what we are going through.
Anyway, let me go now, I will check on here in one hour or so, TTYL



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