Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (06/24/06)
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Sann - June 23

Hi COL : ) Sounds like everything is on track for you this cycle. Yes ... I hope it's a matter of time for all 3 of us. And I hope Val finds us here : ) You're doing great, + opk and lots of ewcm. Don't worry ... there is still time for bd, +opk means ov will occur in 24-36 hours. You're cd12, window is still open till cd14/15 at least. The bloodworks is just an investigation, I'm sure everything is going to be fine. By the way ... my Dh isn't home yet too, he's still in the office, so much bd tonight. Tonight is his turn .. the meetings, yesterday was mine. Well .. it's actually Saturday 2: 45 am for me. I hope my Dh gets home soon, or we'll miss a chance for this cycle (if my gynae is right on me ovulating really late for this cycle) Talk to you soon. LOL & tonnes of baby dusts to you.


COL - June 24

HI Sann, i found you :). by the way , i cant understand what kind of a job you are leading here, its very stressful. that is not good for your TTC. slow down you and your husband:) :) . look who is talking, actullay my job is not that bad, but my husbands is very stressful and its effecting him by all means. he is worried 24 hous a day. i reall dont know how to help him. well, i dont want to keep naging :). sometimes i feel his job is more important than me and having a baby. i dont think its a priority for him to have a baby. anyway i am just venting. TTUL



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