cycle day 21 and not wanting af anyone else ?
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isa - July 15

we've been trying 7 months. I'm due for aunt flow anywhere from day 23 on the low end and day 28 on the long end.Today is day 21.Anyone want to wait with me. So far the only possibles is that i had a sore left boob today when i lay down for a massage and they never hurt and i've been cramping differently the last 3 days then i usually do. I hope im not just getting my hopes up.i also had one nauseaus episode after a mily way and thats really abdormal for me.


Amy - July 16

Hey, my hubby and I just started trying so this is our first month. I am on day started for me on the easy to keep up with my days huh? anyhow, i am waiting to see if i get my period on the 28th, 29th or 30th. i hope i do not though cuz we really want another baby...i will wait with ya if ya don't mind. good luck and baby dust to you as well:)


erika - July 16

At times when you get your hopes up some times your mind plays tricks on you. It has happened to me before. good luck trying>


isa - July 16

hi amy. well its day 22. i woke up early again, cramping still like af cramps but i never get them like this. i am actually a little worried because it is very different for me to many kids do you have? i have non yet. just got married end of last year so this will be our first. Erika i know what your saying i had all the symptoms in the book that i never knew were symptoms till i looked them up (this was about 4 months ago)and it must have been in my head cuz i wasnt pg. baby dust to u guys too and keep me posted.


Amy - July 16

Hey, our son is 3 years old. Name is carter. He is adorable:) I wish you girls the best of luck. I don't know about the cramping, i am sorry. all i know is i am having some slight cramping this morning. gassy though. anyhow, only time will tell good luck and baby dust!!!!!!!


isa - July 17

hi guys, day 23 now woke up cramping again. took a cheap strip pg test at 5am and got a very quick bfn but wasnt surprised. i keep reading you have to wait til 10 days past ovulation and its only 9. i have major cancers in my mouth along the right side of my teeth. my dentist had told me before its can be a major problem when you get pg and that is how he diagnosed his wife years ago because of how bad her mouth was. hmmm i wonder? How about u guys any signs?


kelly - July 18

Hi, I am waiting for af on July 22. Hubby and I did the baby dances on days 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 - so I am hoping we have a good chance this month. This was also my first round of clomid. I went on day 21 for blood work to see if I actually ovulated, but they had to send the blood away, so I should know maybe today or tomorrow. If I did ovulate, maybe I can get my hopes up. Baby dust to all.


Dee - July 18

My cycle should be around the corner on 25 or 26th, crossing my fingers it doesn't come for ANY OF US :-) I bought 2 test the other day as well... but I refuse to test, I'm gonna try and hold out for another 15 days or so. Good luck to us all!!!


isa - July 18

oh dee how can you wait 15 more days-you go girl. i want to test every day and i know it won't show yet. Day 24 and still no af (yeah) it should be between today and day 28. less cramping today than other days which i'm relieved about. Temp is at 97.9 but its down a couple points from yesterday so i'm really keeping figers crossed now. kelly -good luck this month with the clomid. I hope you ovulated. baby dust!!


Michelle - July 19

My cycle has NEVER been regular...anywhere from 22 days to 34 days. So that REALLY stinks trying to figure out when I am going to be ovulating :( By the way, you can get ovulation predictors/pregnancy tests at the Dollar Tree dollar stores. I bought the Ovatel (the microscopeovulation predictor). never could get the darn thing to work, as far as I could tell. Oh yeah and last month I thought I WAS pregnant--was feeling nauseated, my back hurt, I was later on AF, and I was SO DANG tired and peeing like every 5 minutes, no kidding! So went to Dollar Tree and got a prego test. After taking it it came up a BFN. I was devastated. Hoping this month is better...but since my hubby was gone for the week while I was "probably" ovulating, I am not getting my hopes up. Best of luck to all of you, we all deserve a new little one...


Dee - July 19

Isa... it's soooo hardl, but I promised my DH that I wouldn't stress over it b/c he says that's why we can't get pregnant b/c I WON'T relax even during bd'ing time.... so I'm waiting. I'm trying not to stress over it this time.


isa - July 19

hey dee, i think i'm the same as you its not even fun anymore that whole week of having to do the deed. my temp is at 97.7 (day25)but its down and going down from the past 4 days so i'm 99.9% sure this month is a gonner again. I go to the fertility clinic tomorrw because i think there's a problem with my temps being too low at the beg. of cycle and not staying up at the end of the cycle. Did a cheap test again this a.m. and got a bfn again. I've still got some hope thou, my cervix is med high and closed still. I keep telling myself after tomorrow and i see the doc and we see if there are any problems with either of us i am just going to forget about the whole thing as best as i can and let nature take its course. no testing opk's nothing. if we have sex and we get pg great if not i have to stop running my life around that one week. I'm almost 40 so chances arent great but even worse if i stress. (Ok i know easier said than done) but i'm really going to try.


isa - July 20

day 26 no af but did a pg test with clear blue and got a bfn in the window before the test end even showed it was working which means no hcg in my system. Temp went up .1 degree F. but i did that one or 2 other months and got af the next day. Off to fertility doc in about an hour. I'm so nervous as to what he's going to say i have no idea what to expect.


shan - July 20

I am waiting here with you i am on day 22 today, and i am tired of being disappointed every month. Fingers crossed for the both of us......


Dee - July 21

Yes I tested to Isa ( I caved when DH went to sleep).. BFN.. No Stress... No Stress.. I keep telling myself that . Good luck ladies. AF starts on the 23rd... I'm just waiting for the witch to come and go so I can start again next month.


isa - July 21

Hey Dee sorry to hear. I'm day 27 and still no af yeah! but I don't for some reason really think I'm pg. My cycle can be anywhere from 23 to 30 days. I don't "feel" pregnant but I do feel some things arent as they ususally are if that makes any sense. Temp is up .1 degree again so that's 2 days in a row its gone up by .1 Farenheit. Still, i dont want to get my hopes up as yesterday i tested neg on day 26 .


isa - July 22

day 28, temp dropped .6F so i know i'm not pregnant. now i just have to wait for af to show up to go through the whole thing again. Hope you guys had a better month



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