cycle day 15 need cycle buddie?
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ladybug1 - May 17

Hi ladies, I hope all is well with you. Tucker12~ do a test!!! I woke up this morning and I checked on here to see if you had done one yet. But I know how it feels to get the bfn so I know why your waiting. Littlenurse~ wow, I hope those symptoms are signs of a baby in there!!! We'll ladies as for me I feel good. I have felt like little tugs on my ovaries at least I think it's my ovaries. But then I think it's just all in my weird head. LOL!!! Today one of y best friends told me she's preggo. We are hoping to be preggo at the same time. When she told me I was truly happy for her. I just wonder whats going on with me though. With all I've been through I just wish God would send the blessing of another child my way. Oh the emotions!!!! Why does it seem like every women on earth can get preggo but me? Sorry ladies Im just venting. My dh is starting to blame himself. He thinks something is wrong with his guys. I dont think so. He told me he wants to go to the doc to get checked. I heard that there are home test for that though. Would he have to go to a fertility doc for those tests? Maybe we should just wait for 3 months because thats when I can go to the fertility doc. My friend who just found out she's preggo told me that she had no symtoms. Except for slight cramping like her period was going to come. She didnt have sore boobs or anything. She's so fertile!! She came back from her honeymoon preggo!!! Anyway I guess I'll read some more pregnancy success stories on this site I found. It always makes me feel better. I really hope you ladies get the BFP this month. I hope for all of us!!!


littlenurse73 - May 17

I'm getting excited!!!! I think there are going to be some BFP's soon. I hope we all get one.


DB - May 17

well, bfn, for me...But my temp went back up, so I REALLY hope it is just too early, it's only 11dpo...I think i'll skip out on testing tomorrow. I'd rather wait than see only one line. How's everyone else doing???


im_danielle_hi - May 17

hello ladies new to this thread cycle day 27 for me and 12 days past ovulation and i got a question to ask i started my period on the 21 April lasted till the 24th ovulated on the 5th May and started bleeding on the 13th May and as of today i am still bleeding do u think this could be my period or possibly implantation bleeding its rather a little heavy and i dont know what it means i am 19 female from N ireland


tucker12 - May 17

Good morning everyone....Well my chart is so annoying...I asked the FF guides what they thought and they told me that I probably did not ovulate untill cd maybe I am only 7 DPO
Oh well, I will still probably take a test on Friday...just to see :) So still no af's yet...I am very any new symptoms??? Here are mine....cervix very soft, runny nose, pinching cramps and alot of wishfull thinking!!!
Welcome danielle....are you sure you ovulated on the 5th...bacuase it sounds like the bleeding is a period...have you taken a test?? Well keep us posted.


tucker12 - May 17

Oh db...sorry you got a bfn...but I think it is too early...I feel the same way as you, I so not want to see another negative test ever is so frustrating. My dr. called me in a blood beta test, but I think I will wait to use it untill Monday..if af doesn't show up by then.


littlenurse73 - May 17

DB sorry about bfn. If FF is correct then 7 dpo is definately too soon for testing. One possibly new symptom today for me....I was at work and I had a sort of shooting pain in my left BB for about a minute. I don't think I've ever felt such a thing before in my life. It really kind of hurt!


littlenurse73 - May 17

DB I just looked at your chart and I think they are correct about you ovulating on the 20th, because you didn't have 3 elevated temps. If this is correct, the dip you have today at 7 DPO could be IT!!!!!! You may be preggers.


tucker12 - May 17

Hey...I thanks for the positive thoughts...I hope your right.. those shooting pains in your boobies are a very good sign. I am also noticing my palms are getting very sweaty , (which I had last time) and my face is very shiny...which is not normal, plus my back has broken out...god I can't wait to find out so I can stop obsessing over everything...but at least this is more fun than the wait to ovulate.
Ladybug...I actually let my dh ship his appointement yesterday to go get the semen analyis was going to be 110.00 for the test and then copay for the office visit to discuss the results.....i rescheduled it for next week and then our follow up is June 7th. I just had an HSG and saline sonogram done also. But hopefully none of this will matter and we will all get BFP's that stick!!


tucker12 - May 17

i meant skip his appt. not ship :)


littlenurse73 - May 17

Sorry gals! I got you mixed up in my posts. Tucker12 I would do the same as you with the rescheduling of the SA appt. Too much money to waste and then find out you were BFP all along :))))


ladybug1 - May 17

Hi ladies!!!! Oh my gosh it sounds like you ladies are preggo!!! Littlenurse~ the same thing happened to me when I was preggo for the first time. I had this really fast sharp pain on my left boob. It hurt but it was really fast. Db~ Im sorry for the BFN but I think it's too early. Hopefully Friday will be the day!!! Tucker12~ do they do the semen anaylis at the fertility doctor? Also you said that one of your symptoms was a soft cervix. Could that be a sign of preggo? Im curious cuz I checked my today and it's soft. I guess Im just looking for any sign of preggo. I really feel like we did it this month but then maybe not. I wish I could test already!!! At least one of us or all of us is going to get the BFP this month. How many dpo can we test?


DB - May 17

I think it's safer to wait until 14dpo, but some people are lucky enough to get a + at 10dpo....I am trying my hardest to just wait until Friday...I HAVE TO test that day because I have to call my nurse and tell her + or - and I am still only 13dpo that day...I swear I would just rather get a blood test and wait for them to call me! At least that way it's pretty definite if you are or aren't....Oh my only new "symtoms" today are my nipples are getting more sore, and the side of my left bb hurt, but I guess that could be PMS too???!!!


littlenurse73 - May 17

DB, you sure have a lot of will power! I'm finding it strange that this cycle my bb's haven't really been sore at all. Last cycle I charted that they were sore for 8 days before AF. All I've had is very sensitive nips, and that one weird pain in the left one. Hopefully this means something good!


tucker12 - May 18

Hey everyone...god I am glad to be home from work...waiting for American Idol :) Ladybug..the semen test was scheduled by my reproductive specialist...I keep checking my cervix and it is very soft...but honestly they say you can't really predict pregnancy by the cervix because it can go either way?? But last month it was a good sign for you never know. Db I can't wait for you to test on Friday and start off the weekend with a BFP...and hopefully we all will follow the good luck bfp trail. Littlenurse...if your boobs normally get sore after ovulation and they are not sore now...this could be a good sign!!! I really hope my temps shoot up tomorrow...I will keep you guys posted!!!!


DB - May 18

BFP!!!! I tried to hold off, but I woke up with a bad i decided to test and i got it..faint but definitely there...I'm so excited..I hope everyone else gets their bfp soon!!!!



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