cycle day 15 need cycle buddie?
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littlenurse73 - May 15

ladybug1 so sorry about your baby....this was a sad day for many of us who are ttc. I'm ttc #1currently myself and everyone I know is preggers. In my department at work there are 13 pregnant women. (I work in a very large department) It sucks to see everyone else being able to do it so easily... My sister just had her fifth child on May 4th. All she has to do is look at a man to get pregnant. LOL! Her 5th was a surprise, and I wish we could all have a surprise too.


ladybug1 - May 15

Littlenurse~ I know how you feel. It seems that everyone is preggo around me too. It's really hard because a lot of the young couples at my church have babies that are the age my Madison would have been at this time. I just want to be preggo so bad. Im scared but at the same time excited. Im hoping that this is the month but at the same time I dont want to get to excited. Im struggling with guilt too. I feel guilty because I want to have another baby. I feel like Im leaving my little girl behind. I really hope we all end up preggo real soon. If it can happen for every other women it can happen for us.


tucker12 - May 15

Hey guys!! Wow I am feeling really positive about everyone getting a BFP. Db I can't wati for you to test tomorrow. Littlenurse..your symptoms sound great. I have also been having sore nips and increased wetness. Also some pinching cramps going on today?? Ladybug...please don't feel gulity for trying were meant to be a mother. What you are going through must be so hard and I am truly sorry. I hope so bad that you get a BFP this month. Well can you guys check out this chart and tell me what you think
I am confused because of that huge dip at 4DPO. Any help would be great. I think I will test next Sunday..maybe Friday ..I am a test aholic. When is evryone else planning on testing??


littlenurse73 - May 15

tucker12 that looks like an implant dip to me! I've been looking at a lot of charts on FF and I think I would be testing today! Of course I am a poas addict...hehe


littlenurse73 - May 15 here's my chart so far...I think I will test on the 21st if no AF yet.


na25 - May 15

HI EVERYONE, I hope you don't mind me joining you. My hubby and I are trying to concive for a litlle over a year,,,I already have a 5 year old son....However today I am cd17 (taking Ovulex)..And here is a question :) hellooo:) Here is a question! I am cycle day 17. This morning before i took my temp I got up sitting in bed for a minute and then remebered about taking my temps, lay back down and did it it was 97.6 something like since I sat on my bed I am not sure should I count it or not.... yesterday my temp was 97.0 and day before yesterday I had an +opk...I am out of opk-s....(Last month I O'ed on cd18).....Today I am having period like cramps all the long...It is really strong....Feels like my period will start any minute...but it is not possible...cd17....My hubby and I bd'ed a lots last few days, and today as well...I am still having these period like cramps...what do you think what is going on in my body?????Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!!


na25 - May 15

Tucker12 I took a peek at your bbt chart and don't take me as serious but your chart looks like pregnant woman chart...You maybe pregnant. You have little temp drop again after Ovulation (Lots of women who ended up being pregnant report that one day drop of temp after O) ...and then you have one level increase temps and "after it comes second level increase temps"..This often indicates pregnancy!...I also heard that if you have temps high for 18 dpo, there is a huge chance of pregnancy…. Good Luck to You! Here is adress of some bbt chart examples ( Luck to all of you!


DB - May 15

Hey ladies, Well, I feel pretty much the same today. Cramps are pretty much gone, just some twinges. I still have some creamy cm. I didn't temp at all this cycle until the last couple days...My temp was 98.6 on Sat, and 98.4 on Sun and today, I hope it stays up!!! I wish I would've temped this whole cycle!! That's what I get for being lazy. So, I am going to test tomorrow. I'm nervous. I just know I'll get a bfn...I'd be SHOCKED if there were two lines!! Tucker you are strong!!! I was tempted to test this morning, but I refrained. Knowing me I'll test everyday through Friday!!!


ladybug1 - May 16

Tucker12~ Ive never temped so I dont know anything about bbt charts. But I read what na25 said and Im so excited for you. I hope this is your month!!! Db- wow, I cant wait till you test. This could be the month for all of us ladies. As for me I pretty much feel the same too. Im really tired lately but I just think that's due to me going to bed so late. I found this site and I stayed up really late on there. I feel really confident about this month being the month but who knows. Baby dust!!!!!


littlenurse73 - May 16

db let us know right away when you are done with your test. I think you will be 10 dpo right? It's early, but your dip was on dpo 4. Good luck!


littlenurse73 - May 16

na25 welcome! It sounds like you are o'ing. You are having the bad cramps like I did on my O day which was CD 23. I was really rather miserable, but in a good way because at least it did happen. Do you take your temps? Supposedly bbt's are more accurate than opk's.


tucker12 - May 16

Hey everyone...thanks for all the positive thought...I did take an HPT tonight and it was BPN. But I am almost positive that I am preoggos. I will wait to test on Friday! DB Icant wait for you to test .....I habe a feeling your gonna get a BFP girl...keep us posted!! I think everyone on thid site will get there BFP's.... we dererve them Baby dust to all!!!!.


DB - May 16

Littlenurse-unfortunately, that wasn't me who had the dip 4dpo, but I think I had it today...What do you ladies think...I haven't temped until the last four days (bc I'm lazy!!)....I was at 98.6 @7dpo, 98.4@8&9dpo...and this morning I was at 97.9 (10dpo)...So, I decided to wait!! I'm praying it is an implantation dip and not af coming...I had a headache last night which I never really get, so I am hoping that is a good sign..any thoughts???..I would love to see a little IB today, but that's probably wishful thinking. Ok, I promise I'll start testing tomorrow and go thru Friday!! Sorry for waiting, but I don't wanna be dissapointed today...Pray my temp goes up tomorrow!!! Tucker- I hope we both get bfp by friday...Well, I hope EVERYONE GETS BFP SOON!!! I hope this is a very lucky thread!!!! Talk to you soon...


tucker12 - May 16

Hey everyone...Db that was my first sign the first time I was preggo's at 11 DPO was a horribel headache...I had to leave work early to go put a heating pad on my head! I have to hold of on testing again cause I rather not see another BFN...but it sooo hard :) Na25 sounds like you definatley o'ed and covered your bases...I really think this is going to be a lucky site!!! How is everyone feeling this morning...I was being a total beast to my husband this morning cause he wouldn't take the dogs out (it was raining)...hopefully I can look back and blame my bad behavior of hormones:)


littlenurse73 - May 16

Hello everyone! Not much going on for me today. I feel kind of strange....I woke up all stuffy and headachy and then after I was up for a little bit it went away. Today I've had off and on twinge-like feelings like by my right ovary. No spotting or anything, but my temp dropped down today on dpo5. Hmmm wishful thinking maybe....


ladybug1 - May 17

Hi ladies, I hope all is well with you. Tucker12~ do a test!!! I woke up this morning and I checked on here to see if you had done one yet. But I know how it feels to get the bfn so I know why your waiting. Littlenurse~ wow, I hope those symptoms are signs of a baby in there!!! We'll ladies as for me I feel good. I have felt like little tugs on my ovaries at least I think it's my ovaries. But then I think it's just all in my weird head. LOL!!! Today one of y best friends told me she's preggo. We are hoping to be preggo at the same time. When she told me I was truly happy for her. I just wonder whats going on with me though. With all I've been through I just wish God would send the blessing of another child my way. Oh the emotions!!!! Why does it seem like every women on earth can get preggo but me? Sorry ladies Im just venting. My dh is starting to blame himself. He thinks something is wrong with his guys. I dont think so. He told me he wants to go to the doc to get checked. I heard that there are home test for that though. Would he have to go to a fertility doc for those tests? Maybe we should just wait for 3 months because thats when I can go to the fertility doc. My friend who just found out she's preggo told me that she had no symtoms. Except for slight cramping like her period was going to come. She didnt have sore boobs or anything. She's so fertile!! She came back from her honeymoon preggo!!! Anyway I guess I'll read some more pregnancy success stories on this site I found. It always makes me feel better. I really hope you ladies get the BFP this month. I hope for all of us!!!



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