cycle day 15 need cycle buddie?
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slowpoke01 - July 7

mommywannabe my sister said that you are definitely pregnant because the only time her nipples were darker was when she was pregnant and she said the sore back and everything you have she also had so i would go ahead and test if i were you cause you sound like a definite +


tucker12 - July 7

I agree...Test!!!! I can't wait till Monday either!!!


mommywannabe - July 7

Girls, I think I am just going to stop at the store tonight and by a test to take tomorrow AM. I can't stand the wait any longer and if it is a BFN then I'll cope. I have no will power. LOL!


tucker12 - July 7

Hey db....have you gained any weight yet..any baby belly? Old Navy has such cute maternity clothes! Wannabe...just test tonight...LOL!! I heard the Walmart equate brands are really good at picking up small amounts of the hormone. Well my temp dropped I think today is the actual o date. We will see what happens tomorrow...but at least I got to get more bding in..haha.


DB - July 8

Well, I've gained 5 pounds since March (and obviously I didn't get pg until beginning of May and I think I gained a couple before getting preg.) I think probably during these 11 weeks I've gained about 3, but it's all in the waist. the pair of maternity pants I bought are still a bit big, but much more comfortable because of the elastic waist. DH thinks i'm starting to show, but technically I think my uterus is still low so I don't know if it's just the fat or what?? I can't wait to get a belly. I keep reading that some people don't show until they're like 20 weeks!! That'd be like 2 more months for me!! Oh well...Mommywannabe...Did you test this morning?!?!?!?! I'm dying to know!!!!! Tucker I hope your little egg(s) are meeting their sperm and getting busy!!


mommywannabe - July 10

Ladies, didn't even get a chance to test. AF visited me this weekend so CD2 for me. This really sucks!! Good luck to everyone else though.


tucker12 - July 11

Hey wannabe, I am so sorry about your af. Littlenurse how are you doing?? Are you and dh planning on ttc again soon...or did you dr. tell you to wait 3 months? How are all the preggo ladies?? Well I am on 3dpo and am planning on not testing at all. I have an appt. with a new specialist on the if my af stays away I will just have them test me at the office. I am just sick of chemical I am not testing anymore till I am a week late. Hopefully if will be that easy!!


DB - July 12

Oh, so sorry af showed. What a bummer. I really hope your bfp comes soon.


littlenurse73 - July 12

Hi everyone. Well things are settling down now after the m/c. It's been about 10 days of bleeding and 2 days of brown spotting. I did a pregnancy test strip yesterday to see if the hormones are gone yet. It was only faintly positive like it had been on the early bfps for me. I think the hormones are just about gone because yesterday and today I've had headaches which are normal for me when af starts. So it is now cd12 and I'm waiting to "o" again. If my "o" keeps happening late the doctor will give me Clomid and have a fertility nurse follow me with closer monitoring. My appt last Thursday with my ob have made me feel better about things. He will check beta hcg's and do an early ultrasound at 7 weeks. I think he is mostly just humoring me because I will be so damn nervous the next bfp I get. It was so bad this time around as it was with taking the progesterone and everything. I was so stressed the whole pregnancy because I felt like my symptoms were too mild and/or lessening. Needless to say I told dh that I hope I am dog-sick with the next pregnancy so that I know everything is ok. I probably will regret that wish, but whatever I need to go through to have a healthy pregnancy.


littlenurse73 - July 12

I think it is time for us to make a new forum as this one is getting really long. Also, I noticed our forum doesn't have the top/bottom of page icons on it. The newer forums do have this feature and it is nice when they get as long as this one is. Well anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm sorry about the af's showing up. She needs to go away and not come back. LOL!


littlenurse73 - July 14



littlenurse73 - July 14

I made a new thread....come on over.



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