cycle day 15 need cycle buddie?
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DB - May 10

oh, you both are going to O, that's great. I am now 4dpo..I get my progesterone drawn tomorrow. I'm nervous about that, I hope it's a good number...Happy bd-ing!!!


littlenurse73 - May 11

Still no positive opk....thanks for the reassurance about opks not always detecting o. What worries me is that no temp rise. I've historically had irregular periods except these last three months after stopping BC pills. In theory I could still o within the next few days.


littlenurse73 - May 11

oops forgot to say that I've had cycles as long as 36-38 days during times when not on BC pills.


ladybug1 - May 11

We'll ladies I got the egg on the monitor which means Im gonna O within 24 to 36 hours. I feel crampy today too. I think I have been way off. My dh and I would bd starting day 8-20. But it looks like I dont even ovulate until around day 22. I always thought the cramps that I was feeling were possible pregnancy symptoms. But they were actually O cramps. Wow, Im so glad I bought this monitor. Db~ I hope everything turns out ok today for you. Tucker12~ Hope this month gives you a bfp!!! Littlenurse73~ my cycles vary from 33- 37 days and so I ovulate pretty late. Later then I thought. You might still ovualte. Dont give up hope. I know their pricey but have you considered buying a fertility monitor. I tried using the regular opk's and I could never get the hang of reading them. I like the monitor because it's digital. We'll ladies looks like most of us or Oing so I wish us all the best of luck. Catch that egg!!!!!


littlenurse73 - May 11

ladybug1 - We have the same thing going on here! I finally got a positive opk and pre-o drop in temp this am!!!!! Now I'm worried because my fears of LPD are probably true. If I o'd last month at the same time my LH phase was only one week in length....I don't know for sure just going by symptoms last month w/o temps or opk's until the last few days of the cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!


DB - May 11

Hey girls, Both of you O-ing!! Awesome!!! You'll be busy later!! I got my progesterone test results, I am at 11..I had a 4 last time, so I guess this is better. They said they like to see it over 10, so I am ok. I feel like it's still low...We'll see I guess....


ladybug1 - May 11

Hi ladies, so I went to the doc and had a pap done. I told her about the bleeding on Monday and she said since it happened around the same time last month she thinks its ovulation bleeding. I was kinda wondering if it was that. I asked her how much dh and I should bd since I got the egg. She said and I quote " Jump his bones" Hee! hee! Is that funny or what? She told me if Im not pregnant in 3 months she'll refer me to a fertility doc. Im just glad that we have a plan. Littlenurse~ Im so glad you O. Hopefully theres nothing wrong with your LP. Our bodies are just so weird sometimes. The good thing is you O'd so now you know what to do. Hee! hee!
Db~ so glad to hear that your numbers are good ! I just want to tell you ladies that Im so glad we have this little group. It feels good to share everything with you ladies. My dh sure dosent know what a LP is or Lh surge is. Hopefully this will turn into a bunch of preggo's talking about our morning sickness!! Wish me luck. I gotta go catch that egg!!!


littlenurse73 - May 12

Db I hope your prog turns out ok. I called the triage nurse at the OB today about my concerns over prog. I asked where I could get over the counter prog cream because I've read about a lot of people using it on here. Ladybug1 both of us will be bd-ing tonight haha! Dh was out of town last night and I called him this morning about the + opk. It's almost 7pm and he still isn't home grrr!!!!! He doesn't understand all the technical words are this stuff either. I just tell him the egg popping hormore is starting to do its job....haha! My whole abdomen has hurt all day & now it's getting worse. It's the endometriosis getting worse now that I'm off BC pills. Baby dust to us all this cycle. Maybe we'll have a bunch of January babies!


ladybug1 - May 12

Hi Littlenurse, Im so sorry to hear that your in pain. Is there anything that can be done for you? Im not too familiar with
endometriosis. It's funny but dont you feel when when your Oing that you should be bding like every second? I do.
I made my dh get up earlier so we could do the deed befor he went to work. If only they had a machine that told you the exact second the egg came down. It would be great!!! Off the subject now, I am having the hardest time with my dog. He's a boxer so we took him to get his ears done yesterday and he is so hard to deal with right now. We cant let him scratch his ears cuz then they wont come out right. Gosh, it's a lot of work.
Sorry just venting. Anyway, I hope we catch the egg this month. It sure would be nice to have a Janurary baby.


DB - May 13

ladybug- I have 2 boxers..They are the best dogs, I love them. We didn't crop their ears though..I like them floppy.. I have a boy who's brindle and a female, who's a fawn. My boy is 1yr8mo and my girl is 8mo...They're almost exactly one year apart...How old is your's??? Did you both get to bd-ing!!! Hopefully..Ok, I'm 7dpo, still feel the same...I have a feeling this cycle we're out..i just don't feel different at all and I imagine I would..the only thing I have is creamy cm, but that's not unusual for me..


ladybug1 - May 13

So I guess am at the 2ww now. Im hoping for a bfp but we'll see. I know God will bless us when the time is right. Littlenurse, I guess we'll wait together!!
DB~ yeah, dont you just love boxers? We have a 15 wk old brindle. His name is Rock'ys Eye of The Tiger. But we call him Rocky. He is so cute and my little baby. He's crying right now as I type. He hates to be in his kennel. Ha! ha! We had to put one of those collars on him so he cant scratch himself and he hates it. I almost wish we had'nt cropped his ears but my dh would have no other way. As far as bding, oh yeah we did it!!!! I think we covered all the bases but you never know. Sometimes I feel obsessed about ttc. It's like I have a goal and I will not stop until I acheive it. My friends all laugh at me because Im always telling them about the signs of ovulating or some other crazy ttc info. Everyone please pray for me tomorrow as It's going to be Mother's Day. It will be the first Mother's Day without my little one. I think I'll just go to the cemetery and take some flowers. I have to spend time with her as she is still my baby. Im still a Mom in my heart but my little one flew away with the angels. I guess I will just try to focus on my mom and make it a good day for her. I hope you all are doing well and hope that this is our month!!!!


DB - May 13

Oh, I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Of course you are still a mom, I don't think that will ever change ;)


littlenurse73 - May 14

Hey girls! Nothing much going on here. Had some EWCM today & it's 2 days after O. Will BD tonight anyway just in case. I guess it's now 2ww. TMI - but today my nipples are really sensitive and they are never like that. Also, I'm usually like the sahara desert down there and today really wet. Wierd stuff! Happy mother's day to everyone!


DB - May 14

Happy Mother's Day everyone..I'm having some af-like cramps since last night..I'm hoping that's a good sign, but not being too optimistic!! I think I'll test on tuesday, 10dpo, and then again on thurs and friday am. I have to call my nurse on Friday morning to tell her + or -...I'm so scared of another bfn...How are you 2ww's going???


ladybug1 - May 14

Hi ladies, we'll Im getting through this Mothers Day ok. I took some flowers to my babies grave. There was a lot of people doing that today at the cemetery. But God is still good. I hope this time next year my arms are full once again.
Littlenurse~ wow, do you think you could have symtoms so soon after O'ing? Cuz my boobs were hurting yesterday too. Maybe it's just my head. Sometimes I make myself think Im preggo. DB~I hope your preggo!!! You would be the first BFP from our little group. I remember when I got preggo that around 7 days after O I had cramps. My bach hurt too. I think it was implantation pains. I never had the implantation spotting though. So the 2ww is so long!!! My hopes are so high this month.
Baby dust !!!!!!!!!!


littlenurse73 - May 15

ladybug1 so sorry about your baby....this was a sad day for many of us who are ttc. I'm ttc #1currently myself and everyone I know is preggers. In my department at work there are 13 pregnant women. (I work in a very large department) It sucks to see everyone else being able to do it so easily... My sister just had her fifth child on May 4th. All she has to do is look at a man to get pregnant. LOL! Her 5th was a surprise, and I wish we could all have a surprise too.



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