cycle day 15 need cycle buddie?
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im_danielle_hi - May 5

hi i am on cycle day 15 and was wondering if any of you ladies on cycle day 15 wud wanna be my cycle buddie


tucker12 - May 5

Hey I am on cycle day 15 and waiting to ovulate...should over the weekend hopefully...but I will definatley wait with you. How long have you been TTC? I have been since August of 05, and have had 2 early m/c, no children yet, but hoping this is the month that sticks.


ladybug1 - May 5

Hi, Im on cd 15 also. This is the first month using the Clearblue fertility monitor and I havent got a high yet. Im hoping to o soon here. My cycles range from 33 to 38 days so I never know when Im gonna o. Thats why I invested in the monitor. Hope I can hang out with you ladies. Oh yeah we been ttc for about 8 months now.


DB - May 6

Hi, do you mind if I join...I'm on cd 17 as of sat. may 6th..I should O today, I had my trigger shot yesterday...been ttc for about 9 months now;


ladybug1 - May 7

Hi DB, I still havent got the high on the monitor so Im thinking maybe next week I'll O. Gosh, I want to be pregnant so bad but its taking so LONG! I see you've been trying a little longer then me. Dosent it seem likes it's taking forever?


DB - May 7

Yes, it feels like forever!!! I am not very optimistic anymore, unfortunately...I don't want to get excited just to get a bfn. Now that I'm seeing an RE I know hopefully within 6months it will happen, but it's funny, if I would've gotten pregnant right away, I could've had a baby right now!! It doesn't help soooo many people I know just found out they are preg...or just had babies!! What the heck?? Have you thought about clomid or anything?? I loved that I knew this cycle exactly when I would O thanks to u/s and monitoring...


tucker12 - May 8

Hey everyone, well I am officially 2 DPO. So now the torture begins. DB I am also seeing a RE. What test have you has done..have they diagnosed you with anything. I had an HSG and saline sono, but both came out normal. My husband is going to get him semen analysis on Tuesday next week, and them on Wed we go into talk with the Dr. I really hope I am pregnant by then. My problem is keeping the pregancy. I have already got 2 BFP's this year. I know what you mean about everyone being pregnant around you. My good friend got pregnant the first month of trying and is due in Sept. and she started TTC 3 months after me. Very frustrating, and I can't really talk to her because she doesn't understand. When she tells me to relax, and it takes time or it wil happen when it is meant to, it makes me mad beacuse it is so easy for the people that are saying it. Sorry to ramble!!! Well hopefully May is full of BFP's!!


ladybug1 - May 8

Hi ladies, I still havent got the high yet. Im starting to worry. What if I dont ovulate or something? I have already had one child. She passed away 44 weeks ago. She was 8 months old. She was born with a brain malformation called The Dandy Walker. This has been a very hard time for me. We kinda started trying about 8 months ago. I guess you could say I was. My dh was just kinda going with it. I just miss her so much and I know I cant replace her. But I just want my arms to be full again. I thought if we didnt use anything I would get pregnant but were still not. I used opk's last time to conceive. But this time I went and bought a Clearblue fertility monitor. This is the first month Im using it. Im worried that Im not ovulating or something. I went to the obgyn and she said that if Ive already conceived once then Im fertile. I wish they would put me on Clomid so I would know when I ovulate. She told me to start taking my bbt and if Im not pregnant in 3 months to go back. Im just gonna use the monitor and if not preggo in 3 months Im going to the doc. Sorry I wrote a book but Im just so glad to get a response from someone.


ladybug1 - May 8

Db~ maybe I might need clomid. Last month on cy 17 I started having light bleeding. Really only when I wiped. I had slight cramps too. It lasted for about 4 days. I then went on to have a regular period on day 33. I went to the doc and she said everything felt ok but she thought maybe I had a cyst and it ruptured or something. So I thought ok maybe it was just for that month. We'll it started again today. Im so bummed out. I wonder if this is why I havent been able to get pregnant. Maybe I dont even ovulate. I googled irregular bleeding and it said sometimes it's due to hormonal problems. We'll I have a appt for a pap smear on Thursday so we'll see. I wish they would give me Clomid so that I would at least know when Im ovulating. Sorry I wrote a book but Im just venting.


DB - May 9

Tucker12, it looks like we are in the same boat. I think I O'd on Saturday, since I got my trigger on Friday a.m. I have had a lot of bloodwork, u/s done, and diagnosed with PCOS...I take metformin daily and I got my period for the first time in april (on my own) since August, so that was nice, but since my cycles are still so irregular and long that is why we have to use clomid also, and on my day 21 progesterone test, after 50mg clomid, my prog. level for 4, which is obviously terribly low...So, with all that said, she put me at 100mg this cycle..If I'm not preg. in 2-3 cycles, we will do the hsg, and saline sono, and we had a SA and Dh's guys looked perfect...So, that was a long explanation!!! I'm so sorry for your losses..That is one thing I'm pretty terrified about...

Ladybug-How difficult to lose your child. I don't think you are replacing her at all. I hope you don't think that. And, I don't think just because you conceived once that you are neccessarily still perfectly fertile. I would consider seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist. They have such great knowledge of fertility problems. I love my ob/gyn, but she didn't have very many answers for my problems...she said I would be pregnant by december!! hahaha, here we are like 6 months later and I'm obviously not pregnant!! I hope we all have lucky May's...


tucker12 - May 9

Ladybug I am so sorry about your loss. I agree with db, I would go see a specialist. Most ob's stick to the same philosophy of telling people to ttc for one year before they offer any help. Plus mid cycle bleeding like should be checked out. Db I have heard so many success stories for people with PCOS, using clomid. So how are you feeling about this month?? Well ladybug I hope you ovluate soon...and db I hope you get a BFP this month!!


littlenurse73 - May 9

I'm on CD21 and still haven't O'd as far as I can tell. My temps haven't gone up and the OPK's were negative from CD12-CD20. My cycles have been 28, 29, & 30 days in length the last three months. I don't know if O is delayed or just not gonna happen. I'm pretty sure I did so last month because I began BBT the last 5 CD as saw that my temp was higher than it has been this month. I had spotting on CD16 (which I never do) however also had a pap that day, so that might have been the cause of it. I have been really really crabby for about 4 days straight now......Don't know what is going on!


DB - May 10

I don't know how I feel about this month. I know we bd the right days and I know when I ovulated, but I didn't have any ewcm at all, I had the very wet, watery cm, so I am hoping that was good enough. I don't want to start thinking that this could be the month only to be let down. Littlenurse, maybe you got false neg. opks...I never got a + opk even when I was about to ovulate, so maybe you did and you just didn't detect it?? Or maybe you will O late??? I hope you O soon!!!


tucker12 - May 10

I was feeling really crampy and bloated yesterday, so I took an OPK when I got home and it was very positive, and this morning my temps dropped from 97.2 to 96.5, so I guess I am o'ing today??? Who knows, maybe I won't this month since I just had a chemical preg. I guess I will just have to see what my temps do the next couple of days. Little nurse...opk's are not always reliable. Last month I never got a positve yet I got pregnant so I know I ovualted. Some people have to test wice a day so they don't miss the surge. Well good luck! How is everyone else doing today?


ladybug1 - May 10

Hi everyone. We'll today on cd 21 I finally got a high on the monitor. Im so excited. I already emailed dh at work letting him know that there is going to be some major bed dancing around here. Hee!! hee!! As for the bleeding I it only happened on that day. My doc appt is tomorrow and Im going to ask if they can check my hormones. Along with using the monitor Im also checking my cm and it looks and feels like the way it should around O time. I think. I never thought I would have cm on my fingers wondering if it was stretchy enough!! Ha! Ha! I hope everyone is doing well and that were either ovulating or are going to.


tucker12 - May 10

Ladybug...that is awesome!! Looks like you will be having a fun night :)


DB - May 10

oh, you both are going to O, that's great. I am now 4dpo..I get my progesterone drawn tomorrow. I'm nervous about that, I hope it's a good number...Happy bd-ing!!!



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