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nans_n - June 27

hi all! how's everybody? i'm starting my 2WW...i had my peak days last sunday and i believe i've O'ed either that day. Also so weird this cycle no EWCM for me so i was a bit worried. I just hope and pray that i'll have a positive result in the next couple weeks. NatashaV how's your babysitting? did you had fun? i'm sure that you are enjoying that experience. I've been babysitting DH 3 year-old cousin so i've also experience how it's like to have a baby. I think baby sitting is really a good idea to know if you like changing diapers, feeding, bath time and nap time. I just hope will have our bfp this cycle so we can take care our own child. As you said if only God will give us a chance. I'm praying for you too. Kerri how's the Kaylyn? is she still "colicy" i really hope that she's better now. Good to hear Ann that Delaney is a happy baby. I'm sure that you are having a wonderful time. Kc hope your pregnancy is doing great! Did you find a new dr and hospital? I really hope you did. Clara how are you sweetie..?Hope to hear from you soon.


NatashaV - June 30

Hi Nans, I have nothing new to report, but wanted to stop you from feeling lonely on our new site. :) Thanks for opening it. I'm around 6 or 7dpo and trying not to think about it..I don't feel pg, but one never knows. How about you nans, how do you feel? Mommies, how are you guys? Feeling good? exhausted? emotional? Maybe all of the above? :) Not to worry, it's all normal and in a couple of months you'll feel like old pros, I'm sure. kc, how goes the pregnancy and did you find a doc? I'm having a nice loong weekend and hopefully will get some time to relax. Take care everyone!


nans_n - June 30

hi Natasha V...we'll i'm CD19 today don't know the exact dpo but i think we're pretty much the pg sign or symptoms for me..i'll keep you posted. BTW I read your post in the thread about cheri's prediction. What do you think of her predictions?...just for fun i tried it with 2 diff e-mail address...the first she told me OCT-BOY then on the 2nd e-mail i just hope i'll conceive between SEPT and that few months to go to know if she's right or not...Hopefully we might get pg at the same month since our cycles are always the same. Let's just hope and pray..Ann, Kerri, kc and Clara how are you ladies? Hope everything is under to ya all later..


anns - June 30

HI Natasha and Nans. So, you both are on your 2ww and no signs so far(although it would be really early). During mine, I felt no unusual symptoms. Are either of you planning on testing? I always said I wouldn't, but could never hold out. Delaney and I are doing well. I only cry a bit now and then :0). When my dh is home it is great, but when he is off to work, she and I make a good team. Talk with you all later!


Kerri_md - July 1

Hi Ladies...Thanx for starting the new computer is slow and it was taking a while to load the old thread. I hope that the 2 week wait will zip by and that pregnancy tests will be ++++! NatashaV, did you ever go and get acupuncture treatment done? Just curious what that was like and how much it costs. Kalyn has been doing so well lately---she's slept 8 hours straight the past 3 nights!!!! I feel like a new woman! I read the Baby Whisper and started using some of her sleeping techniques and they either are truely awesome, or Kalyn is going thru a growth spurt and sleeping alot! DH and I actually got to go to dinner and the movies last night on a date--I worried about her alot, but mom and dad said she was great and she took 6 oz. of breast milk while I was gone--what a little piggy! I can't wait for both of you to become mommies---everyone deserves to experience the special bonding! Hope to hear about the BFP soon!


NatashaV - July 1

Hi ladies, nice to hear the mommies are doing well. :) Nans, yes I did get a prediction from Cheri for Sept/boy. I didn't really like it though! :) If I don't have a child till September!?! Of course conceiving then would be 'ok' I guess (so picky, I know). It would be wonderful if it could happen for both of us at the same time..and SOON!!! Kerri, I was going to do the acupuncture on this upcoming Tuesday, but dh and I have to go out of town suddenly (to look into a potential property investment) so I had to reschedule it for the following week. I'll let you know how it goes. I did work with a naturopath of sorts last week, it's too long to explain but suffice to say it's a wacky kind of treatment that I think most people would think is nuts. BUT, if it works (I had the 'treatment' for infertility) I'll be SO happy and will tell everyone about it! Fortunately, there's a lot going on right now to distract me from ttc-ing..that's always a bonus. I don't feel pg, but who knows... Well, I'm off tomorrow till mid-week so have a good week everyone and happy Independence Day (for me it's Canada Day today..yipeee!:))


nans_n - July 5

hello! how was your 4th of July? Hope everyone had a wonderful day..nothing new for me today still on my signs. Just want to check on everybody.


NatashaV - July 8

Hi all, Just a quick note to say that I'm back. Had a pretty good trip though it was stressful. I don't like taking financial risks (we were looking at property investments in another city), but you have to pay money to make money, right? Anyway, it took my mind off of ttc for a while, so that was good. Unfortunately, af showed up yesterday ...2 days early! ugh.. I think it was because I took my Clomid on days 1-5 (shortened my cycle). I started the Clomid again on day 1, so we'll see. Nans, I'm guessing that you might know by now? Let us know how you're doing, okay? Maybe you're holding out on telling because it's good news?! I hope so my dear. If not, you & I both know it's just a matter of which month, not IF it'll happen. Mommies, hope you're doing fine and that you all had a good Independence day. kc, any news on a new doc? Clara, did we lose you for good?


nans_n - July 8

hi ladies! NatashaV welcome back...sorry to hear that AF showed up for you so early...really nothing new for me as of today. I'm CD27 today and hoping AF will not show up in the next couple of days. I'll keep you all posted.


anns - July 9

Hi. Natasha, I am so sorry to hear about af showing up. Did the doctor talk with you about how clomid can change your cm? I know it can make it thicker. That's part of the reason we did the IUI. Yours might be completely fine, but it is just a thought. I really hope this will be your month. Nans, any signs? I pray that af won't show up for you. As for me, Delaney is not feeding as well as she should. She wants to eat frequently, but doesn't stay on as long as she should. I am a little worried and have started to pump to find out exactly how much she is eating. I feel kind of discouraged and kind of foolish. I though we were doing fine, but everything I read says she should be eating longer and have longer periods inbetween. Also, her naps have gotten shorter, because she wakes up hungry. I just want to do what is best for my baby. I am going to talk with the doctor and lacatation consultant on Tuesday. Delaney has her two month appt. Talk with you all soon.


NatashaV - July 9

Hi there, Ann thanks for your words of encouragement. I actually did know that about cm on Clomid, and I'm not sure if that's an issue or not for me..can't tell! :) We did the IUI twice for that reason too, but I don't really think IUI makes all that much sense for us given dh's good sperm #'s. I think I'll pick up some Robi anyway..can't hurt right? Anyway, thanks for your thoughts..always appreciated. I understand what you're saying about Delaney and her feedings, one thing I've heard about babies is that there's always all sorts of phases that they go through. Maybe this is just a phase for her. Regardless, I think that pumping is a great idea so you know what she's eating. Don't worry about feeling foolish, you're trusting your instincts on how to deal with the problem and you're doing SO great! :) Nans, hopefully af doesn't show up for you my's to hoping for that!!! I've got acupuncture for the first time on Tuesday, maybe that'll help (as well as the wacky treatment I'm doing that takes too long to explain:)). If one of these works, I'll be thrilled! Hope everyone else is good...take care!


nans_n - July 10

hi all! Sad news for me once again AF decided to show up her ugly face this morning so I'm CD1 today...we'll there's nothing i can do except to try again this cycle. Ann don't worry too much i think talking to your dr and lactation consultant is a great idea, they will be the best person to talk to about Delaney. But i guess like what NatashaV said it's just a phase that she and you are going through and I'm sure everything will be alright. Kerri how are you? How's kaylyn? Hope everything is fine. Kc and Clara keep us posted.


Kerri_md - July 10

Hello guyz...Kalyn and I took our first trip down to my parents house(about a 4 hour drive)--she did very well. I wuz very sick with a 48 hour bug and I knew that my parents could take better care of me than my dh b/c he has 3 tests this week and is sooo busy. We've been gone since Friday and dh misses "his baby girl" but didn't seem to miss me that much---what's up with that? We had a scare with Kalyn last week, my mother was sitting in a swing holding her and the swing crashed to the floor and the wooden beam on the swing hit Kalyn on the forhead---I've NEVER heard that type of cry broke my heart, I was freaking out--called the Dr. and they said to monitor her because her pupils were the same size, and she was feeding well, and she could be aroused after sleeping. It was sooo frightening, but I think that she's okay. She's doing so well with sleeping at night--usually 8 hours! Ann, how long is Delaney feeding? I've noticed Kalyn has shortened her feedings too, but I think that she's sucking more efficiently so she's done sooner---but still going about 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings during the day and I try and cluster feed every 2 hours in the evening. So sorry to hear about the horrible AF showing up, what a bummer. I feel like I've been having a 6 week long AF---just moody and spotting all the time. At my 6 week check up the dr gave me a low dose estrogen birth control that is compatible with breast feeding, but I haven't started using it---Ann, are you using any form of bc? Natasha V, with good sperm count and clomid your BFP is right around the corner, maybe the acupuncture will be key--I'm very interested in that experience. Nans, hang in there I know that your BFP will be coming soon! I'm going to commit to praying for you guyz during one feeding period a day---we want healthy BFPs!!!!


NatashaV - July 11

Hi, Nans I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry to hear af showed up. You're so great the way you're ready to be positive so soon! I wish I could be more like you... However, one thing I notice is that I'm very busy with other things in life right now (investing mostly), so ttc is not as forefront in my mind. It's better this way... Nans, if there's anything you can get into to help keep your mind busy, I say go for it. I took my last Clomid pill today (CD5) and should be starting to bd around this time next week. I'm very interested for my 'wacky treatment' and the acupuncture tomorrow. Yep, they're both on the same day. I figure if I actually get pg, I could care less which treatment was the one that did it! :) Speaking of 'wacky' tarot cards have been showing what looks like a pregnancy coming soon these days. It's been over 6 months since I've seen any hope of a pg in my cards, I'm prepared for the worst (that it's not true), but HOPING for the best!!! Kerri, so nice to hear from you. Wow..I would've been so frightened by that episode you had with Kaylyn. I'm sure you handled it very well, and I'm glad to hear that she seems fine. Yikes..very scary. Funny how you have to start thinking of bcp's again, huh? I can imagine you wouldn't be too keen on getting pg right away! It looks to me like I may never have to take any more for the rest of my days (can't believe I wasted all that time/money on those stupid pills for years! :)) Thanks for your prayers means a lot. Anyway, hope everyone's doing okay, and Nans..I'm very hopeful for us - it's comin'....I can FEEL it!


happymommy - July 11

I am really praying for you two (nans and natasha) It is your time to be moms!!! It really upsets me to see all the child abuse cases and the living enviornment of some children. It's just not fair. I really hope you get your bfp's very soon. Both of you will be wonderful mommies. For me everything is going great. I'm gaining a little more than I was aiming for. A total of 25 lbs at delivery. Well so far I have gained 24 and have 9 weeks to go. I did find a new doctor and will meet him on the 21st. My sister is shipping her 3 kids up to spend a week in Mid August (I'm due Sept. 4th). She knows I would never say no. I am not looking forward to it. I love them dearly, but I need to get things ready for my new little girl and Maddie ready for kindergarten. Their ages are , 7 and 3. My summer is just flying by. I still haven't gotten anything down from storage yet. I keep telling myself, everything will be ready on time. I'm glad to hear the mommies are doing well. Kerri it is a scare when a baby gets hurt. I'm glad everything will be okay. Well got to feed the teenagers. Good luck everyone. Lots of prayers and baby dust.


nans_n - July 14

Hi all! how's everyone? i'm CD 5 today and AF is almost gone...a new cycle for me once again. I'm quite very busy these past few days since DH and I are moving..We are moving in Queens and so busy packing all our things. Tomorrow will be going to our new apartment and try to do a lot of cleaning. So i know time will fly fast for me this cycle. I think it better that i'm busy. I'm also waiting for my Clearblue sticks for the monitor I ran out of it and waiting for my shipment. This will be my 6th month using the monitor i just hope that this will also help me so it will not be a waste of money for me. The monitor alone is so pricey as well as the sticks that you have to use. I'm still taking the herbs that was recommended to me. With patience and prayers I know that this will all have a good and positve result. NatashaV how was your appointment? Did the acupuncture went pretty good for you? What happened? Keep us posted. Kc nice to hear from you..we'll gaining weight is really ok when your pregnant, I know you're gonna loose it when the baby is born...coz there's more work to be done after your delivery. So your going to baby sit 3 kids just before your due date..that's really a preparation for you..LOL Kerri how was Kaylyn? OMG...that is scary when something like that happen to your sweet little angel..I hope that she is fine. Ann how's she eating well now? how was your consultation to the dr and lactation consultant. Hope that everything will turn out fine. Clara hope to hear from you soon. We'll take care and have a nice weekend ladies. We will spend the weekend in our new apartment and be back here again sunday night. Our official move date is Aug 1 but we want to clean and put all our furnitures before this month ends. Talk to ya all later.


anns - July 15

Hello ladies. Nans, I am so disappointed for you about AF showing up. I really feel that you and Natasha have to get pg soon. You both are trying so hard and are going to make such terrific mommies. You both deserve this so much. I think Natasha's idea of getting involved in some type of hobby is a good one. I don't think anything can completely take your mind away from this, but maybe you can find something you enjoy to do and it can distract you for a while. How exciting that you are moving. How is the new place? Natasha, I hope your acupuncture goes well. I am so interested to hear about it. Also, I think it is a good sign that your cards are indicating a pregnancy in the near future. I have always been fascinated by the ability to read cards and interpret their meaning it really is a gift. Kerri, what an awful scare! I am so glad Kalyn is okay. She sounds like such a sweet baby. Delaney is doing well. She gained 1 lb and 7ounces in the last month. The lactation consultant and doctor said that she looks great! During the day she nurses about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. At night she goes about 4 hours between feedings. I am now trying to cluster feed before bed too. I was concerned because the books say she should be feeding for 20-25 min. She feeds for about seven to ten. The lactation consultant said this was very normal and that even five minutes was good. So I am relieved about that, but she refuses to take a bottle. We introduced one earlier then didn't see a need so stopped. Big mistake! Now she won't take it and feel we have a battle on our hands. Oh well, I am so relieved that she is happy and healthy. KC it is so good to hear from you. I know visiting nieces and nephews at this time is not a treat. You are so good to watch them. Oh, Kerri, I am taking birth control. It is called Errin, and they tell me it is safe during pregnancy. Thanks for all the support. You all make me feel so much better when I doubt myself. You all are such wonderful people!



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