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kc - January 31

Natasha - I totally understand your frustration. My SIL had 2 babies during the time I was ttc. Everyone in the family made a big deal over it (which is what she wanted -to be the center of attention)What makes it worse is both were accidents they were both premature due to her heavy smoking and poor eating (she will only eat junk food, Pizza and pasta and will drink nothing but mountain dew). She doesn't interact with any of her kids. She only talks to them to scold them, and brags about how wonderful it is to be a stay at home mom. Her babies now 24 months 17 months they sleep in a play pen because she is too lazy to go upstairs when they wake up.(she has 2 new cribs). They are always dirty and covered in dog hair. It just isn't fair. I often questioned why the Lord is giving such a great gift to those who don't appreciate them. And why he makes those who are wonderful parents wait and wait and wait or take their precious children away too soon. I know you are not supposed to question why, but I do. Natasha, Nans and Clara I know your turn will come very soon. Lots of luck and God Bless. Nans I also used the cb monitor. It did make things much easier. A lot easier than trying to figure out the other sticks, matching lines, guessing if the test or control line was darker. It will take a few months for it to figure out your cycle. And like everyone said stop feeding it sticks as soon as you get the egg. It automatically asks for them in quantities of 10 eventhough it doesn't record anything after you ovulate. Good luck. I hope it arrives soon. I am more relaxed now, I'm not stressing over work like I did before. I stopped taking work home and have left early a few days to get caught up on house work and spend extra time with my dd. I would love to find out the gender, but my dh wants me to wait. He said if I found out then he would know, which is true, I wouldn't be able to keep that a secret. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I still have 2 1/2 weeks of walking on egg shells then I can truely relax. Lots of luck to everyone- I hope to hear of some BFPs very soon.


Ann - January 31

Natasha, I am so excited for your hsg. Like Kerri said, it really is not bad at all. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Nans - February 1

Hi Ladies! Finally the monitor arrived this afternoon...but i'm CD 10 today and almost half of my cycle...I think i have to use it at CD i still have to use the other Ovulation test this cycle and use the monitor next cycle...i'm really excited coz i feel i will be more relax in the next cycles to come. Ann and kc i will remember your tips not to feed the monitor when i see the egg. Natasha V we are all excited for your hsg....Clara how are you? Did you O already? Kerri how are you? Hope that you are all doing good...Have a nice day!


Natasha V - February 1

You all are so sweet..! Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. After a long day of work and getting emails about my pg friend and her constant peeing, exhaustion etc., it's SO nice to come here and find people who understand and don't judge me because I feel sad that I'm not pregnant. Dh and I both asked the universe today to let us get pregnant with a healthy baby (and a healthy pregnancy) this next cycle. It can't hurt, right? I'm hoping that my hsg tomorrow morning goes nice and smooth. I'll let you all know how it went. Again, thanks for your support and for being here... N.


Clara - February 1

Nans - I haven't ovulated yet but I think I will in the next day or so. I'm trying not to think about it too much and see what happens. If we don't get pregnant this month then we are going to take a break for a few months. I know I just started trying again but if I were to get pregnant, than the baby would be due at Thanksgiving, Christmas or my son's birthday in January. I get stressed enough around the holidays and finances are tight due to Christmas so we think it would be better to wait and hopefully have a baby in early 2007. I don't want to wait but what's three more months when I've been trying for a year already. I just want my baby to come into this world under the best circumstances. I think we also need time to regroup now that we've had time to process the m/c and try to enjoy our relationship without the stress of ttc. I hope you all understand. Natasha and Nans - if this cycle is not my lucky cycle then I'll send my Baby Dust and prayers your way. I hope your two pink lines arrive soon!


Natasha V - February 1

Well, that's done. I'm relieved that my hsg is over. It was actually a little more painful than I was expecting (I was thinking it would feel the same as a pap test), but the discomfort only lasted about 2 minutes, so it wasn't too bad. The doc and the radiologist both smiled and kind of laughed when the dye went through my tubes, he said "my goodness! you have great tubes!" Apparently the dye went through super quick and not even a tiny blockage of any kind. I guess I'm relieved, not sure yet. :) Afterwards, he said that since there's no blockage at all, he suspects my problem might be that I'm not ovulating and that he may want to put me on fertility drugs next month. I'm not necessarily opposed to that, but I really don't believe I don't ovulated. The OPK always shows it and I always get twinging OV pain around ovulation time. But, he wants me to temp this whole cycle and then he'll look at the chart around this time next month. I don't recall if any of you have had experience with Clomid or anything like that..have you? I've heard some bad stories of bad side effects etc. any info you can pass on would be appreciated..thanks. So, that's where I'm at. I pray to God that he will make me fertile over the next couple of cycles...! Clara, I understand what you're saying and I think it's smart of you to wait..I just don't know if I could do it. Time goes so slowly when ttc-ing. I hope this is your lucky cycle, then you won't have to! Nans, how are you? Have you started using the OPK sticks? (since you don't want to use your monitor until the next CD1) I meant to ask you, are you going to take the evening primrose oil again? If memory serves, that was one thing that you added to your ttc-ing that maybe got you pg? kc - glad to hear you're doing better, as you could tell, we were all worried about your stress levels. Thanks again to you and to Kerri and Ann (how are you ladies doing today?) for your thoughts on the hsg and your understanding about my pg friend and my jealousy that it's not me. God..please let it be me soon!!! Take care! ~~~BABY DUST~~~


Clara - February 1

Natasha - Glad your tubes are not blocked and now you're able to move on to the next step. I've heard many stories about side effects of clomid but maybe weighing the side effects against the possiblity of getting pregnant will make you feel a little better. I know you really want a baby and I feel guilty about taking time off (as if I have no problems getting pregnant) but I'm also changing jobs at the end of this month and so many other things are really stressing me out lately. But like you said, maybe this cycle won't be a bust, I'm just not counting on it. Why would this month be much different than any other, right? I truly hope you don't have to use fertility drugs and this hsg did the trick for you.


Nans - February 1

Hi Natasha V...good to hear that your HSG is you can relax a bit because you know that there's no blockage or whatsoever in your tubes...and as Clara said you can advance to the next step. After a week of my D&C i decided to take evening primrose oil and vitamin b6 again...coz you are right they are the only things i addded to my TTC-ing that maybe help me get pg. Then DH also is taking 1,000mg of vitamin C. So we are still taking those vitamins and also i'm taking my pre natal vitamins. I will start using OPK sticks tom.I bought some to use for this cycle only. I'll reserve the Clearblue monitor and sticks next cycle if ever i will not get pg this cycle. I'm so excited for the 3 of us...I know we will get pg...We all started TTC and now kc,ann,kerri are all pg...clara and me had MC and trying again.It was a very stressful and painful experience for me but i know that God gave me strength to move on. So have faith and just believe that it will happen. Clara i'll pray that your plans will be perfect, If you think that you are not that ready maybe you can give yourself some time and then try again. Sometimes those people who are not really that trying will fall pregnant easily, so who knows... God will give us babies in the most perfect time he thinks and know would be best for us and the babies. Have a nice day ladies.....


Ann - February 1

Natasha, I am so glad to hear that your hsg went well! I had a similar experience. The dye "shot right through". I was not sure if I should be happy or sad. The doc's thought that I wasn't ovulating either so I was put on Clomid. I did have some side effects. I got hot flashes, a little more emotional and O pain. When I say O pain, it was more severe than normal. This is why I opted for the IUI. Who can relax and ttc when they are so uncomfortable?? The month I decided to go off of Clomid is when I ended up getting pg. Go figure! If you do decide to take Clomid, please talk to your doctor about IUI, or taking something to thin your mucus because Clomid can cause thick and unfriendly cm. Clara, I think it is a smart idea to take your time and try to make this a good experience for you and your dh. It sounds like you and your dh have a very supportive relationship. Nans, I am so happy that you got your CB monitor!! It is so hard to wait to use it, but hopefully it will help take some of the guess work out of ttc. Kerri and kc, I hope you are doing well and are enjoying your pregnancies. A tip for all the pg and soon to be pg ladies...I just came from the doctor and they suggested taking fish oil during my pregnancy. I asked about it because my sister's doctor asked her to take it. It is good for development of the brain, eyes, heart and helps prevent against preterm labor. This is the one they recommended:

figure it is worth taking, although it can have a pretty nasty after taste! You are all in my prayers.


Kerri - February 2

Oh what good news that your tubes are open and that the path is clear NatashaV--I'm sure that you're Oing if the OPK states you are and your temps reflect a bi-phasic shift. That's good that your doctor wants to view your charting. I know my situation is different from yours, but Clomid didn't help me ovulate at time....remember the cycle that I got the BFP I didn't O until my follicular phase was ALWAYS longer than my luteal phase...I remember what a drag that was! I know your time is soon! Nans....I'm glad that you got your monitor, I know that you're so excited to use it and it must be hard to have to wait to use it on CD1----I hope it does you well....maybe you won't even need it as this month might be your BFP! Clara, I totally understand about too much around the holidays, but how frustrating to have to hold off a few more months. Hey Ann...I did know about the Omega3-Fatty Aicds...I've been taking Expecta since the BFP which is a non-fish sorce of Omega 3 with no nasty after taste! Kc, how are you doing....are you waiting for a sonogram or the end of the first trimester? I think you and your DH need to both be in, or both be out, about finding out the gender---maybe he'll change his mind once your closer to 20 weeks when he sees how difficult it is to plan and decorate...good luck w/ that one! As for me, I'm doing fine. Been having a little trouble swallowing's like my esophagus is so relaxed that the foods not moving down, and when it does it can easily move back up and lead to acid reflux. I had my first case ever of heartburn last was kind of scary b/c it was an acute pain over my heart and it hurt to breathe in deeply, but then it would go away when I exhaled. Talk with nurse and she thought I should go to ER to have them check it out, but I ended up taking some tums and that helped so I think that it was heartburn...if it happens again, I'll consider the ER but it's sooo expensive. Sorry this post is so long, I'm pray'n for all of you!!!


kc - February 3

Natasha that is great news! I did some research on clomid and the side effects are hot flashes, thick cm, mood swings, ov pain, and possible cycts. If monitored you will not need to worry about cycts. Also multiples 1in 10 chance of twins, 1in 200 chance of trips and 1 in 1,000 chance of quads or more. I was 3 months away from being put on clomid. Clara - It is a good idea to wait for the best time to welcome the new baby into your family. I did exactly the same thing and wound up peg. twice due in December. My dd birthday on Dec. 19 (induced early to avoid a Chistmas birthday) and the one I MC due on Dec. 8. Lots of luck I really hope this is your month. Nans I'm know you will just love the monitor. I don't regret what I spent on it. It was well worth, just reading the monitor and it telling you when to bd. Maybe you will even get a bfp this cycle and can send it back? Lots of luck. Kerri - I'm glad you are doing well. I understand the heartburn. I had it from 16 weeks until the day I delivered with my dd. And yes she was born with lots of hair. I could put bows in her hair the day she was born. I lived on tums my entire pregnancy. Ann- I started taking expectra lipil supplements made by enfamil along with my prenatal vitamin, before I became pregnant. I'm sure that is the same supplement your doctor is talking about. I purchased it at wal-mart for around $10.00 per a one month supply. The only problem is after a few hours I take it I can taste the fishy oil if I happen to burp or feel nautious. So I is not helping my morning sickness any. LOL. I have 2 weeks until my first trimester is over. As for finding out the gender. The decorating is not a big issue for me. I am going to nurse so the baby will be in a side bassinet in our bedroom for the first 3 to 4 months (when he/she sleeps all night), which will give me plenty of time to decorate the nursery for a boy or girl. The issue I have is should I sell my dd baby clothes and items in a garage sale this summer of keep them. Well gotta go. Lots of baby dust and luck to all.


Clara - February 3

Well, this month is going to be a bust for me. I started having ovulation pain yesterday afternoon and it kept getting worse (actually still having a lot of pain this morning) but I was in too much pain to bd last night or this morning. Maybe this is a sign that I should just wait. Who knows why my body is so kooky. I even took a pain killer left over from my d&c last night and it didn't even help at all, just made me loopy. The pain is always on my right side so I wonder if my left ovary is not producing eggs and maybe that is the reason it is so hard for me. Anyway, it looks like I'll be taking a break for a few months. Honestly, I'm not as sad as I thought I would be because I know I will get pregnant when the Lord wishes and when it's right for a baby to be a part of our lives. I just wish I knew why ovulation was so painful for me. I sat on the sofa all evening curled up in a ball because it hurt so bad. Nans - how is your cycle going? Did you ovulate? Oh, just wanted to thank you all for your support. Waiting is a tough decision but I think the best for my whole family and the unborn child I will eventually bring into the world.


Nans - February 3

Hi's a rainy day here in NY....i'm doing great Clara....I'm CD 13 today, i used ovulation kit yesterday but it was negative, i'll take the test again later...i usually take a 5 day test for a month. So still waiting for O. You are right kc...i know that the monitor can help me and somehow make me feel relax because the monitor will be in charge of my cycle...but i was not able to use it this cycle...Coz i bought it late, but im happy that i have one right now waiting for next cycle just in case i'm not pg this month. I really can't wait to use it. Natasha V are you feeling better now after your hsg? i hope you are...Ann how are you doing? i read a lot of pg women are taking expecta lipil from enfamil they said that it was good for the developing baby. But i haven't tried it. I'm just taking my pre natal vitamins right now together with my EPO and Vitamin B6....Kerri good that you are ok and no need for you to go to the ER....Well another week is over ladies...i'm starting to count on days...LOL...Have a nice weekend everybody and hope that you'll all have a blessed and wonderful weekend.


Natasha V - February 5

Hi, how is everyone? I'm doing well today..some of my stress is over. For the last month, I'd been planning dh's surprise bday about a lot of work, planning, lying etc. Phew..! It was last night, and he was very surprised and it was a great turn out (50 people!). He's so pleased and I'm so relieved that it's done. Now I can focus on the fact that I'm around CD11 today and should be O-ing around CD 15 or so. I'm hoping that my hsg will make this my lucky cycle... Nans, have you seen a spike yet? Clara..I'm so sorry to hear that you get such terrible pain. No kidding you wouldn't feel like bd-ing, and it must be bad if pain relievers don't help. Will you go back to the doc to ask about it? kc, Kerri and Ann..nice to hear that you're all well. Which of you is due first again? Kerri, right? Please remind me of your due dates... We hope to all join you and be due soon! I saw my pg friend for the first time since her announcement to me (on email) and of course I was SO happy to see her so happy. I get jealous, but then when I see these women that I care so much about that are so happy to be pg etc., all my jealousy melts away and I'm just thrilled for her. It's still a secret (from everyone else) so she & I got to have a few private jokes etc. It was kind of fun actually... I am hoping so much for a pregnancy this month. I want it so much that I'm not going to be passive about it - I'm going to say it loud and proud so that God understands my intention. God, PLEASE allow dh and I a healthy pregnancy and baby this cycle!!! And please continue to bless our pg friends with good health and allow the rest of us to have our opportunity at a beautiful healthy child. Take care ladies..oh, and enjoy the Superbowl (ya right , who watches? Just an excuse to get together!:)).


Kerri - February 5

Hey Natasha V....Ann is due first, then I'm due June 1st, then KC, then?????
We're waiting to see who'll be next! Oh, and the Superbowl.....isn't about the 2.1 Million dollar 30 sec. commercials???? Hope no wardrobe malfunctions this halftme!!


Clara - February 6

Good Morning Ladies - I'm exhausted from the Super Bowl party we went to last night.. I'm not really sure what happened but we had a good time socializing with our friends. Half time was fun trying to figure out how old Mick is and when will his joints finally give out! Natasha - so good to hear you are able to support your friend and see how happy she is and I'm sure she wants the same happiness for you. I have an appointment in March to see the doctor and I'll ask him about the extremely painful ovulation pains. They used to be bad but this past month was much worse than any other month in my life. I also have had severe cramping 2-3 days after ovulation for the last 3 months (now that I think about it, every month since my m/c). Why can't my body just function like it's supposed to??? Glad to hear everyone else seems to be doing well.



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