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nans_n - June 10

Hi Kerri, nice to hear that Kaylyn is doing fine. Sometimes babies are really fussy and goofy but i think that's normal...Good that your mom is always there to help you with baby Kaylyn so you can have some rest. Natasha V i know how you feel right now. If you decided not to take clomid this cycle and give yourself a little rest then just do what your heart desires. For me really have no idea right now I'm CD27 and still hoping that i'm pg this cycle. I did not take my temp so i have no clue. I just continue to pray. I'm still taking the herbs and vitamin E and DH is taking Vitamin C and Zinc. Keep you all posted.


anns - June 11

Hi Ladies. It is so nice to hear from everyone. Kerri, I am glad that Kalyn is a being a good baby for you and that breastfeeding is going so well. I know it can be overwhelming at times. I am still breastfeeding, but we are supplementing 3 bottles a day of formula. (we did so gradually) I felt kind of uptight that I was the one and only person feeding her and I was very emotional in the beginning. Not to mention lack of sleep being mixed in. Also, there was one night that she wanted to feed literally for 4 hours (the night my milk came in). I was a mess the next day. After getting over the guilt, this has been working out really well for us. Kerri, how long will you breastfeed for? I hope to continue until she is 3 months, I go back to work when she is 5 months. Natasha, as for your question about the good/bad about being new parents, I really have to say everything considered, Delaney has been great....except at nights. She only wants to sleep on someone at night, during the day she can be put down. So for 4 weeks I have been very carefully sleeping with her. UNTIL...last night. It was a beautiful thing. We bought a bed rail and a sleep positioner. I heated up the place she would sleep with a heating pad (then took it off) and placed her on it while she was sleeping. She slept like an angel :0). She even slept for a period of 4hrs. My dr. said that this is very normal and to start transitioning her at 2 mo. At 4 mo. they should be sleeping in their crib. We'll see. I hope this continues tonight, I feel almost normal today. Also, Delaney has a fussy period for about 1-2hrs a night. It starts around 6:00. It can be trying because my dh works 4 nights a week. I know that you all know what the good parts are. I am enjoying all of them immensely and really trying to commit every moment of our time to memory. I feel very blessed to have her in my life. Natasha, when my dh and I lost our first baby, we had saved a lot of money too. We were devastated, but it helped to use the money to do something fun. So we bought this computer and desk that I am now typing on! So, good for you and enjoy every minute of your new TV. Please Nans and Natasha have a glass of wine for me, go to a romantic dinner, and snuggle with your dh's and watch a good movie. These are the things I miss. Natasha, I hope the acupuncture works; let us know what it is like. And you should reserve the right to change your mind about the clomid. Nans and Natasha, I hope AF doesn't show up. Let us know how what happens. Kc and Clara, we're still thinking of you, hope all is well. Take care.


nans_n - June 12

hi all..well not a lucky day for me today..AF arrive this morning so i'm back to's really frustrating everytime she arrives. I really feel so sad and down today but i know i'll get over this in a couple more days. I know it's hard to face this day.Thanks for your support and prayers. But i know i have to be strong in order for me to obtain my goal.."TO HAVE A BABY"...Natasha V how's everything going for you today? I really hope that you'll have a BFP this month. Keep us posted. Ann nice to hear that Delaney is very good baby for you too just like Kaylyn to Kerri. I know being fussy sometimes is really normal. I'm just so happy to know that you are really enjoying motherhood and trying your best to be the best for Delaney even if you lack sleep...LOL....I know you are Kerri and are doing great. I think breastfeeding is really important so if you can really do it for a couple of months that would be great. You can never replace all the vitamins and minerals found in breaskmilk to any formula. Kerri how about you? how was your weekend?hope everything is ok. Kc how are is your pregnancy right now? Clara how are you?


NatashaV - June 13

Hi all, Ann it's always nice to hear from you. I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be going well for you & baby. Nans, I'm sorry to hear about af. I got her too. I'm cd2 today and I actually was okay with getting af because I knew almost for sure that it was coming. And, because I'd been doing some drinking over the last cycle, I was kind of relieved that it wasn't some fluke to get pg the month I was drinking alcohol. But, I'm now back on the Clomid (taking it days 1-5 as recommended by my specialist). I plan to try it again for the next cycle or two (without IUI because dh's sperm is fine..I don't think we need it ..for now). I'm hoping that the second time around is the charm for us. The summer months are supposed to be the best for conceiving (read that somewhere) so I hope we can make that come true, Nans! Take care all, and we'll chat with you soon.


NatashaV - June 13

Hi, me again. I forgot to make fun of myself about the Clomid. :) I remembered that I'd written in my last post that I wasn't going to take it, but was going to try acupuncture. Well! I read about acupuncture for infertility and it basically said that it's great for regulating your cycle - my cycle is already very regular. I've come to the possibly wrong conclusion that my problem is likely that I have a slightly high fsh and acupuncture won't help with that. So I decided against it. A high fsh can mean either a depletion in available eggs or that my egg quality is not great - the one thing that I read about that can improve egg quality guessed it, Clomid! So..that's why I'm on it again. Love and prayers for you all. :)


nans_n - June 16

hi all! how's everybody? i'm CD 5 today and starting a new cycle with a positve attitude. NatashaV nice to hear that you're going to try again with Clomid so you have a better chance this cycle. I really hope that TTC will be much easier for the two of us. I know we've been through a lot and hopefully God will answer our prayer to have a baby. That's all we ask for. I know our time will come..just believe and trust in Him. Ann and Kerri how are you ladies doing? Hope you both having a wonderful time with your bundle of joys. Kc how's your pregnancy? Hope you are doing far your pregnancy is? when are you due. I'm getting excited for you, keep us posted. Clara, hope you are doing great. Have a nice weekend ladies. Please continue to pray for us. Talk to ya all later.


nans_n - June 20

hi all! how's everybody? i hope everybody is doing seems all of you are busy...i'n CD8 today and waiting for O maybe next week, NatashaV how's the clomid working for you this cycle. I really hope everything will turn out to be positve this cycle. I'm still taking the herbs and vitamin E, hope that we both get BFP this cycle. Ann and Kerri how's things going with the babies? Kc and Clara hope to see some posts from you very soon. Please continue to pray for me and NatashaV...Have a nice evening to all of you.


happymommy - June 20

Hi everyone- I'm sorry to hear still bad news for Nans and Natasha. I've been praying for a visit by the stork for each of your. The both of you are so strong. I know your turn will be soon. Lots of prayers your way you deserve it. Ann and Kerri congrats on your little angels. I'm glad to hear that you are both nursing. I nursed Maddie now 5 for 9 months and wished I could have nursed longer. It was the best decision I made. It was rough in the beginning, getting through the growing spurts and the sore nipples but it was way worth it. Nothing can replace the bond of a new born and her nusing infant. The main problem I had was with my MIL. She hated the idea and even dumped bottle of breast milk out and fed her formula. Congrats to both for sticking with it. I am in my 7th month and due on Labor Day. I feel great. I just found out the hospital I was to deliver in will no longer deliver babies as of August 15th, thus my doctor will no longer deliver babies after August 15th. Leaving me to find a new doctor in my 7th month. Just my luck. I did call a few places and will make decided by next Monday. I'll Try to stay in touch but our computer crashed so i'll be trying to steal a few minutes at work. Lots of baby dust to all.


NatashaV - June 21

Hi all, nice to hear from you, kc! At first I was trying to figure out who you were, but then I remembered that happymommy is you. :) I'm sure it's shocking for you to check in and still find nans and I ttc-ing. I's been sooo long. But! It's simply got to happen soon...doesn't it?!? I'm in my 'last ditch effort' stages and I believe that by summers end, both nans and I WILL be pg! Please god, make it so. Wow kc, your 7th month, huh? How frustrating that you have to find a new doctor at this late date...I hope you find one soon. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying. Nans, I'm glad that O is coming soon for us, I'm tired of waiting and just want to get on with it! I'm really hoping this cycle works for us. Have you made any new appts. with the doc or anything? As part of my 'last ditch effort summer', I'm going to see the specialist again to see what he says (it will probably take a month or two to get in to see him). AND, I'm starting acupuncture for infertility on July 4th (already booked the appt). If it turns out that I just don't get pg, I want to know that I did what I could to make it happen - no regrets. I'm cd10 today and time is going so slowly. Time went WAY more quickly when I was on my 'break'. Being on clomid is the same as it was last time. I wake up with my pj top all sweaty, I'm very bloated most of the time, and in the last couple of days I've been REALLY tired and quite cranky. Fortunately for dh, he's out of town. :) And fortunately, he'll be back in time to bd..which will be in a couple of days or so. Since I took the clomid on days 1-5 I don't know if O will come early or not, guess we'll have to cover the fertile window as best we can. Oh ya, and kc, I canNOT believe your MIL didn't want to feed your dd your breast milk! Who's ever heard of such a thing!? Odd...! Hopefully she'll leave your breast milk bottles alone with the new baby. :) Ann, Kerri, hope the littles ones are doing great. Updates when you have the time are really nice to get. Please continue to send nans and I your healthy baby dust everyone...thanks!


nans_n - June 21

hi all! kc nice to hear from time really flies fast for you...i can't imagine your due on labor day...i really hope that you'll find a new doctor in time for your delivery. I know you'll have a wonderful delivery even if there some problems when it comes to the hospital and doctor. Why is it your MIL don't like the idea of nursing the baby..sounds so strange..but in my opinion breaskmilk is still the best, no matter what they say or think your just follow your heart and make your own decision besides it's your baby..right?? Just keep us posted whenever you have time. Ann and Kerri how's the babies? Hope that you are all doing great...i know less time checking on boards...busy with diapers and breastfeeding..LOL...NatashaV I'm CD10 today, and still low based on my fertility monitor. So few more days to wait for O...after a couple of months using the clearblue fertilty monitor i somehow know when to O...I usually get peak days CD 13-15...I'm on my 2nd month on herbs and vitamin E...The herbalist told me just to continue taking the herbs until I get pg. So i guess i have to keep waiting. My DH and I we're not planning any appt to specialist yet. I know that we've been pregnant before maybe with the help of the herbs too, that's why we are taking our chances again to conceive naturally. The herbalist told me that all his client get pregnant within 3-8 months of taking the herbs. I get pg before after 5 months of taking it. Now i'm on my 2nd month. So i'm really praying that this will work again this time for me. I'm so happy that you are so positve this cycle and giving your best shot. Hopefully you'll cover all the fertile days and clomid will work this time. So you're ready with your acupuncture? Let me know how it goes...It seems many people have success with it, hope that it will work for you too...I'm quite a bit nervous with needles..So i don't think i can handle that, but still let me know what will happen. I'm so happy that we are still here getting stronger everyday in achieving our goals. Just remember that our bundle of joys are coming very soon. Please ladies continue to pray for me and NatashaV and hopefully we will experience motherhood soon. Have a nice day to all of you. Talk to ya all later.


NatashaV - June 23

Hi Nans, just a quick word to say that I think it's great your herbalist has had such luck with those herbs. It's simply GOT to happen for you in the next few months given those statistics! Best of luck dear girl! I'm cd12 today and noticing signs of O coming. We'll be bd-ing the old fashioned way in the next few days. Wish me luck and best of luck to YOU, Nans!!!


Kerri_md - June 24

Hi KC---so good to hear from you. I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester already. Good luck finding a doctor you feel comfortable with..honestly for me, it was more about the hospital that I was delivering at, and by 9 months I really didn't care(to a degree, b/c I had a c-section) who was doing the delivery as long as I was healthy and the baby was healthy. I can't believe that your MIL was so opposed to breastfeeding that she dumped out the breast milk and replaced it with formula--that's crazy. My mom's been tempted to feed Kalyn a bottle of breastmilk while I sleep thru a feeding....which sounds nice until you wake up and your breast is about to explode b/c no one woke you up to pump the feeding that the baby didn't take from you. An engorged breast is NOT fun--luckly I rented the hospital grade pump for my maternity leave and that machine is awesome!!! We've had some difficult nights the past week--Kalyn has GER--acid reflux and she cries a lot. She was a pefect angel the first 2 weeks (she's still my perfect angel but with a lot more tears) The medication is helping her feel better and not spit up after feedings, but she's very "colicy" at night and we can't decide if it's the aicd reflux or colic--but lots and lots of crying...but then she does wear herself out and is going about 5 1/2 to 6 hours between night feedings--so I do get some consecutive hours of sleep at night. Guess it's give and take! Ann, how are you hanging in there? Is Delany on any type of schedule yet? Nans I really hope the the herbs combined with peak fertility on the monitor bring you a BFP. Natasha, I know that the clomid is great for your O, I pray that the bd'ing timing is perfect for DH's sperm to meet the egg at the right time--how long do you lay with your hips elevated after bding? The month we got pregnant, we brought our matress into the living room to bd and then I put my hips on pillows and laid there for about an hour-hour and a half and watched a DVD that we had rented---might be too much info, but something worked that month! Hope everyone has a great weekend! PS--do we need to start a new thread?


anns - June 25

Hi Everyone. Kc it is so good to hear that you are doing well. What a pain about your dr. ! I hope you find a dr. that you like soon. But, like Kerri said, for me the hospital was really important. You figure the nurse is with you through most of it. I only saw my dr. a few times to check me and then at the delivery. Delaney is doing well. She is generally a happy baby. She still has a fussy time at night for about two hours. We are still co-sleeping with her. This was not something we planned on, but from day one she had trouble sleeping alone. We decided to buy a co-sleeper bed which will sidle up to our bed. We did try the bassinet, but it is just not working. I read that babies that sleep with you wake more often. She usually goes 2-3 hours between feedings at night. Kerri, how did you know Kalyn had acid reflux? Did she cry when she had to eat or just spit you a lot? Is she sleeping in her own room or in yours? Nans that sounds so positive about the herbs. I really hope this works for you. Hopefully the combination of herbs and the monitor will do the trick! You must be ready to O about now, so lots of luck to you! Natasha, any signs of O? Are you using an O kit? I am keeping you and Nans in my prayers. I did what Kerri did with the pillow. I always laid down about an hour. Maybe it was excessive, but it worked! Nans and Natasha, let us know any signs or symptoms, it has to happen for you both very soon. Take care. I'm all for a new thread, this one is getting long:0).


NatashaV - June 26

Hi ladies, Nans..would you like to do the honors and open a new thread for us? :) Ann and Kerri, so nice to hear that the babies are doing well. Good thing you were able to determine about the acid reflux, Kerri - good for you. Also, I've heard (and seen) that newborns tend to have fussy times in the early evening for a few hours. Apparently this can be due to the overstimulation of all the new things they see/experience in day-to-day life (much different than quiet life in the womb). Supposedly it can last up to age 2-3 months.. So, if baby is fussing in the evenings and they're not hungry and are dry might just be that. Sorry, I know I shouldn't give baby advice since I don't have one, but trust me when I say I've learned SO much about newborns etc. in the last couple of years when everyone I know (all my friends/relatives that started trying when we started trying) had their babies. Dh and I were babysitting my 7 month old niece this weekend. I really enjoyed makes me feel more and more like I'd really be good at being a mom, if God would just give me the chance. Who knows, maybe spending time with her will help my maternal juices flow and allow for a bfp this cycle! :) (I've heard being around babies and being 'maternal' can help) It's not always easy for me to be around babies, but this weekend I was good with it. My cycle was odd again this fertile period - I haven't seen a proper LH surge with my OPK's in the last couple of cycles on Clomid and I don't know why. This past fertile period (a couple of days ago) I never really saw a clear surge and peed on many a stick at various hours of the day. The closest I got was an 'almost surge'. So, I don't know if I even O'ed..though I always have so i don't know why I wouldn't and I did feel the O pains this time. Judging by the pains, I think our bd-ing was timed right. All you can do is pray, right? Nans, how did it go this cycle? Are you happy with what your monitor showed and your bd days? And yes ladies, I too spend quite a bit of time with a pillow propped under my butt after bding.:) Thanks for your help though..I know that you all offer questions and advice to try to get Nans and I our bfp's and I appreciate it very much.


nans_n - June 27

Thanks NatashaV for reminding me to start a new thread. I'll just put Cycle Buddies 4...hope to see you all there.
Have a nice day!



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