Cycle Buddies 3
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Nans - January 23

Hi Ladies...hope that everybody is doing fine. This is gonna be our 3rd thread which makes me happy that we've gone this far. I know that we are all very happy to share all our feelings, emotions and experiences. I know that we are all trying our best to help one another most especially through hard times. I know that our group will remain in here for us long as we want and hope that we all continue our TTC journey until we all have our babies. I know that we've been through a lot...some of us get pg...some MC, and some will be mom in no time. I just want to let you know how thankful I am that you are all still here with me tyring to make all things possible. And keeping our faith stronger. I thank The Lord Jesus for giving me cycle buddies like all of you which helped me a lot with my struggle. Let's continue to share all our experiences, blessings and prayers here. Have a nice day to all of you.


Natasha V - January 24

Hi Nans, I found you here on Cycle Buddies 3! How are you doing? I'm that I'm ready for my hsg, I'm finding time is going sloooowww. I like the idea that I'm doing SOMEthing to help things along. Anyway, nothing to report, just wanted to say hi! :) Take care and we'll talk to you all soon!


kc - January 24

Thanks so much everyone for your understanding. Sorry about the breakdown. It just seemed like everything piled up on me too fast. 3 jobs, teaching catechism, making sure my 5 year old is at preschool on time (she is in 2), changing babysitters. Spotting was the kicker. I am feeling much better now. I got in to see the doc yesterday. There is no more bleeding but I need to take it easy for a while. The baby is fine and growing right on schedule with a due date Sept. 1st. He did say my uterus is enlarged and misshaped (like a cresent). He thinks I have fibroids but doesn't think it will cause a problem. I go back on Feb. 20. He made me retake all my blood tests, eventhough my regular doc sent him the results. That's fine with me. Better safe than sorry. Well enough of about me. Nans how are you doing? You are such a strong person. You always think positive and have such a big heart. I'm glad you started Cycle Buddies. Natasha I hope your HSG is just around the corner. Lots of luck. Clara -How are you? Are you ready to start ttc? Ann and Kerri - Are you through the half way point yet? To me it went fast until month 7. Then I felt like I would be preg. forever. Lots of luck and dust to all.


Clara - January 24

kc - don't worry about it, that's what we are here for, support! I'm glad everything is going well now. Just listen to the doctor and take it easy, as much as possible. We are going to try this month. I should ovulate around Feb 2 or 3 (if I ovulate at all). I'm nervous but my ttc is in the Lord's hands. I'll have my bundle of joy when he thinks I'm ready. Nans and Natasha - can not wait to hear you say you have BFP's. Baby Dust to all of my wonderful Cycle Buddies!


Nans - January 24

Hi all! Natasha V..i'm so excited for your hsg..hope that's the answer for you. Kc nice to hear that you and the baby is doing fine. Just take it easy...Clara just like you we are also going to try, i'm CD 3 right now and my period is normal after my D&C so i guess we can start trying after my period...hoorraaaayyyy!!!! I also bought a fertility monitor to use for my 2nd TTC. Did anyone of you tried using clearblue fertility monitor? Ant tips and feedbacks you want to share with me. This is my first time to use a fertility monitor...i just hope that it will help me with my TTC. Ann and Kerri we're already here in Cycle Buddies 3..hope both of you are doing great. Have a nice day ladies.


Natasha V - January 24

Well comes a rant. I know you've all heard me say before that I was SURROUNDED by ttc women (8-9 of them) who're all mothers now. There was always still one friend who was off the pill, but not really trying because she wasn't sure she wanted to be a mom. I got an email this morning from her saying that she needs to talk to me and won't say why on email. I KNEW that it was that she was pg. I called her on it and said that she must be pg and it turns out that she is. That's it! I've pretty much lost my faith now... I've done everything I can to let go of this process and I've been doing so well. This news hit me like a slap in the face. This was my only friend left who knew how I felt. Our friendship will forever be about her pregnancy now. I'm so depressed I can't even tell you. Sorry for the rant, but I need you guys right now. I know that you understand. Any words of wisdom? I'm FRESH out! :(


Clara - January 24

Natasha - Just know that there is a reason for the delay in your own pregnancy, now everyone will be able to give you good advice and will be a great support for you. I know it's hard but know you will have your baby in no time. I have faith in the hsg and your chances.


Ann - January 26

Hello everyone, good call on making a cycle buddies 3! I went to Cape Cod with my mom for the weekend to visit my grandma and pump her for advice. She had 11children(a nice irish catholic upbringing!) Yes, everyone in my family is very fertile, except me. Anyway, it was a wonderful visit. Nans, I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and that AF came. THis is probably one of the only times you will be happy to get it! I am excited that you and Clara are going to start trying again. I got very emotional the first time my dh and I ttc after my d&c. I was glad to be trying again, but frustrated that we had to. But, you both can take comfort in the fact that it did work for you before, so you know it can happen. Nans,I used the Clear Blue Easy monitor. I really think it was essential in helping me get pg. The first month it didn't read me correctly, after that it did. It took me about four months both times using it to get pg. Prior to that I had tried for about five months. A few tips; test the same time every morning, write down on a calendar when it shows high and peak fertility. After you get peak, you don't need to use test sticks. It will automatically give you two peak days and then another high fertitlity day. I got pg the first time bding on high and peak, the second time we just bd'd on peak. I like using it because I felt like it took the guess work out of ttc. I really hope it is successful for you too! kc, I am so relieved to hear that you are doing well and that your baby is progressing normally. As hard as it is, you do need some time for yourself to rest and just take care of yourself. How are you feeling? Are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl this time? I am 23 weeks right now and I am feeling good. Getting bigger and having some trouble sleeping, but no complaints. Natasha, I really hope that your friendship with your pg friend can stay strong. She might surprise you and not become obsessed with just talking about her pregnancy. If she knows what you have been through and are still going through, then you would hope that she would be sensitive. My guess is anything she says will tick you off for a while. I am glad you came here to rant. That's why we are here. If you need to yell and scream and feel bad for a while, you have every right to. Try to concentrate on you and what you are doing to help yourself get pg. I am really praying that the hsg helps you get the little one you deserve. Hugs to you all.


Kerri - January 27

Hi Ladies...hope everyone is doing well this Friday! Just got back from Colorado...beautiful weather and my DH got to do some skiing before he starts back to school in May! The friend we stayed with in CO is the only friend I know that is still ttc--think about 9 months. I didn't talk about the baby unless she asked me something so I would hope that your friends Natasha would do the same if they know your situation. I'm excited for your HSG, it's not too far away! Clara and Nans.. I hope that O comes regularly and timing is good! Kc, how are you to relax at all? Ann, I'm glad that your baby girl is doing well and things are going fine. As for me...just a'grow'n! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Nans - January 27

Hi All! how's everybody? I'm doing pretty good AF is almost over and I'm CD 6 today. I'm so excited to try again after MC and hope that it will be a lot easier this time. Ann thanks for the info about fertility monitor...I'm still waiting mine...hope the shipment will be on time for O..i want to use it this cycle......So i will not feed the monitor with sticks after i got a PEAK...right? so when will I feed the monitor again? When will I stop using monitor in a particular cycle. I'm really new to this stuff.. : ) but i'm excited coz i feel that it will help me. Clara what day ara you in? maybe we're almost the same..God Bless you on your TTC again. kc how are you feeling? hope that you are always ok and the baby. Kerri good that you are now here with us.Nice to hear that you had a good vacation in Colorado. Natasha V how are you? Hope you feel much better and hope that you are now back with your positive mood. I'm also going through the hard times of my TTC journey whenever a friend of mine is pg. I know i should be happy for them but i can't help feeling bad and think why is it easy for them to get pg while i'm struggling to make one. I know how you feel. I think Kerri is right your friends should be sensitve about your situation if they know that your are having a difficult time trying to get pg. I know it's so hard. I know how you feel coz that happened to be several times. I has friend who become pregnant twice while me still trying. She never planned for those 2 pregnancy and the last one turned out to be twins. See what I mean. Another friend get pg last year when both of us try at the same time, now her baby is 9 months old. Then another friend get pg after I miscarried...So you are not alone always remember that this ara all part of our journey. We should never give up, loose hope and think of negative things, we should focus ourselves to our goals...TO HAVE A BABY...i know it's hard...but we can do it.....It's almost 2 years since DH and I start trying. We never thought that we will have such problem getting pg. All my sisters get pg right away so i don't think that i'll have this kind of problem. I tried almost everything from herbs, basal temp, ovulation kits, vitamins, bd evryday and bd every other day, putting pillow on your hips, raising your legs up..staying in bed after bd.....that's really a lot ..after 20 months i got pg but ended up miscarriage. Wow...such a roller coster ride for me. But i still want to try and give the best that I can. I will continue to believe in Jesus...I know that he will give me a baby. So have faith...continue with your plans and I know that one day we will get pg. Have a nice day ladies and continue to pray for one another and hope that we will have more BFP .


Clara - January 27

Nans - You are correct, we have to keep the faith and try our hardest to understand that there will be a time for us. I always pray for patience and compassion. I'm currently on CD10. I'm worry this cycle will be wrong because my bleeding was not like any other months I've ever had. It was much heavier and lasted twice as long as usual. Something just feels different about this cycle so we'll see what happens.


Ann - January 28

Hello. Nans, I am all excited you are getting the cb monitor, so I pulled out my booklet to refresh my memory. I was disappointed when I got mine mid cycle because you can't start using it until you get AF. It starts charting you from AF on. On the first full day of your period you will chose a time in the morning when to press the M (menstruation) button. This will become your testing time. It will give you a window of three hours before and after. For example if you choose 9am you can test anytime from 6am until 12. Your monitor will prompt you to test around day six after AF. Then it will ask you for a stick every day until after you O. But it always asks for 10 or 20 sticks a cycle. SO if you O on day 13 it will ask you for 7 more days of sticks even though you already O'd. The monitor will continue to count the days in your cycle (it is on the screen) until you either get AF or get pg. If you get AF then just press the M button for Menstruation like you did in the beginning or if you get pg, then take the batteries out. If you do have to press M again (which I hope you don't) then it will prompt you again around day 6-9 to feed it a stick. I hope this helped. When you get the booklet it will walk you through everything. But feel free to ask if you have questions. It took me a few months to get used to using it.
Kerri and Clara I am glad to hear you are doing well. Kerri how nice that you got a chance to get away for a while before your new arrival! I am so happy to hear you are doing well. Clara, good luck this cycle. Maybe the fact that it feels different will be a good thing. Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend.


Nans - January 28

Hi Clara so we're almost on the same cycle i', CD 7 today, this is my 1st period after MC and D&C..for me my period is like normal AF i did before MC...i know every women is diff but who knows like Ann said there might be something diff things to happen. Keep us posted. Ann i'm still waiting for the monitor and probably receive it by monday or it will my CD 9 or you mean i can't use the monitor this cycle?coz i'm almost in the middle of my cycle...i really can't wait to try it and see if it will work for me. Thanks a lot for your help in giving me useful tips and ideas and a lot of info about the monitor. I really appreciate it. Natasha V, kc , kerri how are you ladies doin'? Another week is over and hope all of you will have a nice weekend.


Natasha V - January 28

Hi ladies, I'm glad that everyone's doing well. I know that I complain about how it's hard to hear about my pg friend etc. but I should also remember that we have some pg ladies on here that I should be sensitive to as well. I apologize if I have come across as uncaring and insensitive to your wonderful pregnancies. I'm glad that you all seem to understand why I'm so upset about this friend being pg. It's just particularly hard because she & I email/chat at work EVERY day. And, not only is she a friend, but a relative, so all the women in the family that are waiting for an annoucement from me are going to get one from her instead (which they wouldn't expect since she told everyone she didn't really want kids which frustrates me like crazy!). And they're all going to gush about how wonderful it is..and I'll likely have to throw ANOTHER baby shower..grrr... Anyway, because we chat so much, I'm going to hear a play by play of all the pg stuff EVERY day from her. Yesterday she emailed to say that they told their parents and they all cried and it was so wonderful etc. I am SO jealous..and then I feel guilty for being so jealous! Oh well, I'll try to give myself a break and feel badly about it for a bit..then I'll try to let it go. Ann, I hear what you're saying about how we hope she'll be sensitive to my feelings. I think she will be and is sort of trying to be, but I can already tell that she's too excited right now to be sensitive. Once she calms down a bit, I hope she'll be more so. Also, we're close enough friends that if it gets too hard on me, I'll have to tell her so. Thanks for letting me rant ladies..much appreciated. Anyway, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that AF arrived, the good news is she was a bit early which means that I can get my hsg sooner (and not on dh's bday!). I'm now booked for an hsg on Wed. Feb. 1st! I'm glad that it's going to be so soon, the sooner that can get done, the sooner I have my answers (and maybe can be a bit more fertile for a few months..please GOD make it so!!!). As usual with these tests, I sort of want to hear that there was a slight problem, but sort of not..y'know? Anyway, hope you are all having a nice weekend. Once again Nans, your positive attitude inspires me..thank you for that gift. Good luck with the monitor!


Kerri - January 31

Oh Natasha V....what bittersweet news! I'm glad that the doctors were able to work you in early. A word of advice....The HSG is not as bad as those on the web will make it out to be, take you medication 1.5 hours before the procedure, and remember finding "nothing" is a blessing--that's what happened with me so I could flush of the system is what I needed even though nothing was blocked. I'm pray'n for you Sweetie!!!! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Kerri - January 31

Some errors.....take "youR" medication and "I could flush..." should be "a good flush..."


kc - January 31

Natasha - I totally understand your frustration. My SIL had 2 babies during the time I was ttc. Everyone in the family made a big deal over it (which is what she wanted -to be the center of attention)What makes it worse is both were accidents they were both premature due to her heavy smoking and poor eating (she will only eat junk food, Pizza and pasta and will drink nothing but mountain dew). She doesn't interact with any of her kids. She only talks to them to scold them, and brags about how wonderful it is to be a stay at home mom. Her babies now 24 months 17 months they sleep in a play pen because she is too lazy to go upstairs when they wake up.(she has 2 new cribs). They are always dirty and covered in dog hair. It just isn't fair. I often questioned why the Lord is giving such a great gift to those who don't appreciate them. And why he makes those who are wonderful parents wait and wait and wait or take their precious children away too soon. I know you are not supposed to question why, but I do. Natasha, Nans and Clara I know your turn will come very soon. Lots of luck and God Bless. Nans I also used the cb monitor. It did make things much easier. A lot easier than trying to figure out the other sticks, matching lines, guessing if the test or control line was darker. It will take a few months for it to figure out your cycle. And like everyone said stop feeding it sticks as soon as you get the egg. It automatically asks for them in quantities of 10 eventhough it doesn't record anything after you ovulate. Good luck. I hope it arrives soon. I am more relaxed now, I'm not stressing over work like I did before. I stopped taking work home and have left early a few days to get caught up on house work and spend extra time with my dd. I would love to find out the gender, but my dh wants me to wait. He said if I found out then he would know, which is true, I wouldn't be able to keep that a secret. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I still have 2 1/2 weeks of walking on egg shells then I can truely relax. Lots of luck to everyone- I hope to hear of some BFPs very soon.



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