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Nans - July 4

Hi things are going so far? Keep us posted by next week


Natasha - July 5

Hi everyone - happy to have anyone who can relate along for the 2WW ride - great merlee!

We can imagine all sorts of symptoms together! :) I thought I saw slightly pink cm today, but it was so slight that I'm doubtful and yesterday morning I felt slightly nauseous, but it could've been what I ate the night before. Also, this month I ttc only ONE time! Do you believe it? You'd think that I would know (after researching how to get pg for months online) that one time is not likely to do it. Well! I've known two women who got pg in the time frame that I've been off bcp's and both were shocked to discover they were pg because they only ttc once during the fertile time. The one girl told me that they bd on ovulation day only (I can't ever be that sure of when O is, personally) and the other did it only once the day before O (she said she did this because she wanted a girl - yep, she got a girl!). I was thinking about it, and wondered - is it possible these women got pg because there was no 'sperm competition'? That is, maybe it happened for them because the sperm were all trying to reach the egg instead of maybe if you FLOOD the area with sperm (bd-ing 5x in as many days for instance), they fight each other instead of going for the egg?? I don't know..maybe it doesn't make sense, but at 35 years old, I'm starting to try anything! :) I think (can't be sure) that we ttc'ed the day before ovulation. If it doesn't work this month, I'm going back to the old 4-5 days in row! But..if it does!?! Great! I'll keep you all posted... Any thoughts on my admittedly crazy theory??? -----Happy baby thoughts to all!! ----


merlee - July 5

Natasha, I think there could be something to that. I read recently that you should refrain from bd 3-4 days before ttc, so first time bd is 1-2 days before O. DH gets these ideas from work and some months he says everyday we need to bd, next month only 2 times a week. I just say "whenever your ready, if your not wanting to then it will be fine." I don't want to be on a schedule. I let him decide when. Kerri, hope it is implantation. We'll all wait together. ~~Baby Dust~~


Nans - July 5

Hi Natasha! how are you good that you join us here waiting for next week. Baby we could all be pg this month


Ann - July 5

Hi Everyone, I am so gald that I found this chat! My monitor said that the O came for me yesterday so now I am playing the waiting game too. This is month 3 for me ttc. My hd and I were successful last Jan., but lost the baby, so now we are ttc again. I think this is the hardest part. Good luck and lots of baby vibes to all.


Kerri - July 5

Technically, one good time is all it takes and timing is everything! Temps are still high---just found out today that a co-worker is pregnant. I'm happy for her, but I think that leaves my husband and I as the only couple in our group that are ttc--therefore, our odds are pretty good that we'll be next :) Really hope I am, that way I'll be close to someone at work, at church, and my best friend! Baby Dust to all and keep me posted!


Nans - July 5

Kerri you are right it's all about timing. And hopefully we hit the right time. It's really an added pressure when all your friends and co-worker have kids and we are still here TTC, so hard but we really have to be strong.


Natasha - July 6

Has anyone due for AF in the next week or so given in to the temptation to do a HPT yet? Sigh..I feel like I'm not pg (craving chocolate and bbs aren't really that sore..just a bit around the nip). I'm at that point that you think you're not pg, so you almost wish AF would come so that you can move on in your mind to the next cycle. Also, you don't want to get your hopes up, so you try to imagine that you're not pg to ease the impending disappointment. Anyone relate? Sorry, don't mean to sound negative - I'm sure it will happen for ALL of us, when the time if juuuuust right. :) Baby dust....!!!!!!!!!!!


Ann - July 6

Natasha- I still have about 10 days before I should take a hpt. (we'll see if I can hold out:) ) This is the hardest part for me. I know what you mean about your AF coming. When I know I have no pregnancy signs, I just want AF to come so I can start again. And then when it does come, I try to act like I'm not that disappointed. I feel pretty confident that it will happen(for all of us), the when is what I am concerned with. Baby dust back at you!


Kellie - July 6

Hi! I am glad to find this thread. I am due for AF around July 17th but I am praying this is the month she won't come! I hope that we all get pregnant this month. Me and my hubby have been trying for 9 months but probably 7 months of that I was not ovulating. Now that I have that on track (I had a very high Prolactin level) it should only be a matter of time. I will keep coming back to update. Good luck and baby dust to all!


merlee - July 7

Hi Everyone, I am on cd 7 and I am imaging all kinds of signs. But I know it can't be already. I get my hopes up so high every month but try to keep it grounded, too. I it so hard. And people say "just stop thinking about it and it will happen" - they have never been in our shoes if they think you can just stop thinking about it.


Natasha - July 7

Hi ladies,
I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm on 9dpo (or 7 dpo, I can't be sure) and my nips are still sensitive. Normally, when it's PMS, they're only sensitive for about 4 days, then it goes away and AF comes about 5-6 days later. The sensitivity has been with me now for about 6 days. Boy..I sure do hate getting my hopes up...sigh. BUT, you never know, right? I'm sure you'll be hearing from me on this again soon. Wishing you all a very speedy (and productive!) 2 WW!


Kerri - July 7

Questions....does anyone know if you're pregnant, are your nipples sore constantly, or intermittently? I'm 9-11dpo, and mine have been sensitive at certain times of the day for the past 5 days-but not 24/7. What is the recommendation about having sex during the waiting phase? I don't want to get my hopes up, but for some reason this time seems different--I'm for sure going to wait it out, not testing until 7-13-05....everyone is in my prayers!


Nans - July 7

Hi ladies! how's everybody! I'm sure we are all very excited and quite nervous for the week to come. I know some of us experiencing some symptoms but we don't know if it's pg symptoms or PMS.....that is really hard to differentiate. I'm also experiencing sore in the whole part of the breast not just the nipple area. So i really don't know what's going on. Our AF is all due anytime next week so hopefully she will not show up and we all got BFP!!! Keep us posted ladies and we let's pray for one another.


kc - July 7

Hi ladies. Af is due on the 16th boy I hate waiting. I don't think I'll test until after the 16 since I am not having any symptoms. I'm still hoping I'll wake up sick or have sore boobs but nothing. Good luck and baby dust to you all. I hope some of us get the BFP this month.


Natasha - July 8

Hello ladies in waiting... :) It's getting to be crunch time here soon - I'm about 5 days away from knowing whether or not I'm pg this month. I try not to think about it during the day (that is, TRY:)) but I've been having lots of dreams all week, so clearly my subconscious is having a hard time letting it go too. :) Still having the sensitive nipple area - good sign, but unfortunately one of the only signs that I can recognize. Also, a bit thirsty too, but no implantation bleeding of any kind..and I've been checking! :) Where are the rest of you on the countdown? When do you think is the earliest to get a positive preg test? Wishing for BFP's for you all over the next week and healthy pregnancies to follow.... ~~~~~~~~~~



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