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Nans - July 1

Anybody who wants to wait for week July 11-16....? TTC for 16 months and hoping that this will be the right month. Tried almost everything but no success up to now.


merlee - July 2

Nans...I'm 2 dpo. So I'm waiting for preg. symtoms til july 11-14. TTC for 32 months and I believe I have done everything right. Maybe this month is it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'ts all in Gods hands. Good Luck and Baby Dust to us


Nans - July 2

Hi Merlee! Good that i would have a cycle buddy, you know this is the hardest part of the whole cycle. When you have to wait if you are pregnant or not.Let's just hope that this will be our month. Baby Dust!


Kerri - July 2

Hi ladies...I'm right there with you. I'm new to the site, and just found out yesterday my best friend is pregnant. We've been ttc for 9 months-prayers are needed....I like the baby dust idea too


kc - July 2

I'm right with you. Af is to rear her ugly head on the 16th.


Kerri - July 2

My cycles are so long--I'm already on day 37, but think I ovulated on day 33..we'll see


Nans - July 2

Let's keep on praying that God will bless us with a baby this month.


merlee - July 2

Nans...have you been on any fertility meds? or herbs? I've had all the tests and next step is clomid and AI. I just not ready for that yet, but 32 mo is a loooooong time to wait in vain. I'm taking herbs and hope to heaven that it does the trick. We'll see. Baby Dust to us all


Nans - July 2

I'm taking herbs for 2 months now and i really hope that it will help me. I want to have a baby naturally so i don't want to drink any fertility med. So what kind of herbs are you taking?


merlee - July 2

Nans. I tried Ovulex for 3 mo. with no luck and intended to continue but I found out they had changed the ingredients. It was a completely different product than I had been taking. So I look up all the new ingredients and I am allergic to at least one of them so it is no longer an option for me. It also has St. Johns wort now. Anyway, I did my research and have been taking Vitex for about 5 months, and this month started on Dong Qui, Evening Primerose, Red Clover and Red Raspberry. I also have slightly high prolactin so I use a natural progesterone cream after O ea month. Last month I was out of cream and Wow, a hugh difference - horrible cramps, PMS, and painfully sore bbs. I'll never be without it again. What about you, what's your story??


Nans - July 3

Hi Merlee - I'm TTC #1 for 16 months, have a regular cycle all my life but between 27-30, i know its regular, went to my OB GYN after 7 months of trying but she said that there was nothin wrong with. the dr said try it for a couple of months more coz she will not take any test until at least a year of trying. But since i migrated here in the US after my check up i was not able to go back since then. I cannot see a dr her coz i don't have any insurance yet here.Then i met Dawn here in the forum and suggest me about herbs. So right now m taking unicorn root and another one which have combination of more than 10 herbs. I'm on my 2nd month and hopefully this will help us have our little angel.


merlee - July 3

Nans. Welcome to the US and good luck getting insurance. When did you come from? I'm 4 dpo, just waiting now. The hope starts to build and I make everything a symptom of pg. til the last day - then I just can't believe it when AF does come. I think maybe it is implantation bleeding - then it gets heavy and my heart breaks - for 32 month. I'm soo ready to be a mom. Anyway, enough self pity. Its good to talk to you and we can wait it out together. ***Baby Dust*** to us all


Nans - July 3

Hi Merlee - I just came here almost a year ago and m enjoying my stay here. I came from the Phil. I'm dpo 3 today and have to wait for more than a week to know if m pg or not.So your dpo 4.....almost the same. :) Your are correct sometimes evry little thing we feel we think it's a symptoms of pg then suddenly AF will show up. That's the hardest part. But I'm trying to be very positive every month. And always hoping that i'll get pregnant the next month. Sometimes i feel so tired but i always pray that God will continue to give me strength. Hope that God bless us a healthy baby this time. Have Faith.

To Kerri and kc how are you doin ladies? M sure the waiting period is killing you...but we have to be very patient in this whole process. Hope AF will not show up. Let's keep on praying. Keep us posted.


Natasha - July 4

Hi, Have been 'seriously' ttc 10 months - getting frustrated to say the least. I'm about 5 or 6 dpo and expecting AF around July 12th..anyone close to me that would like to cycle watch together? :)


merlee - July 4

Natasha, we'll be here waiting together. Maybe at least one of us will succeed. ****~~~Baby ~~Dust~~*** to all.


Kerri - July 4

Still hanging in there and waiting-had a temp drop today, maybe implantion dip??? We'll see if it rises tomorrow-I'm trying to strickly go by temperature, b/c I can get too excited by trying to read my body and then AF shows up again.


Nans - July 4

Hi things are going so far? Keep us posted by next week



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