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Cutie - February 18

Ladies!!!!! I finally got a BFP after long 1.5 years!!!! I am so excitted. I have tried Ovulex, which helped regulate my periods, then I stopped taking it. I also had laparoscopy done last month. Right after lap I ovulated, bd , and FINALY 3 tests that are BFPs. First, I had digital test, the one that says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT, I took it on fifth day of a missed period and it showed Pregnant and also I took two yesterday, just to make sure.....BFP'S....I thank God, because He is the One who gave it to me, this little presious gift. Prayers have done it. I prayed a lot and I had faith, of course I cried every month....but now I am preggo...THANK YOU GOD!!!! IT was just the perfect gift for my husbands birthday.....I wish all of you luck!!! TONS OF BABY DUST, LOTS OF HOPE AND FAITH, LOTS OF PRAYERS and GOD WILL DO THE REST>


wannabeamom - February 18

Congratulations Cutie!


Dianna - February 18

Congrats to you Cutie. Lots of Baby rubs


patty - February 18

congrats ! and have a great nine months ! just wondering---why did you have to have the laporoscopy? i wish you the best !


JessicaG. - February 18

that is great!!!


Cutie - February 19

Thanks a lot everyone!!!!
The reason I had to go through lap is because I was having pains and the doctor didnt know what it was after different tests, we then decided to go through the lap procedure. I still get the pain once in a while.....the doc said that everything looks fine, just some adhesions that were not OB related. The adhesions connected abdominal wall and intestines. Doc removed them....My tubes were open and everything looked just fine. Doc did not prescribe any meds, just told us not to have any intercourse for a week. We followed the rule and after a week started BD...eventhough it was kind of painful in the incision area, however that was the time for ovulation and we both knew it. Nothing was different that month untill I didnt get my AF thanks to GOD and now I got a BFP. Ladies if you need to go through laparoscopy, dont be afraid, it wont hurt. Before I was going to do it, I read a lot that people have a better chance of getting preggo after lap. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.


Cendy - February 19

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S CUTIE! I wish you best of luck! BABY DUST!


Mega - February 20

Congrats Cutie! That's wonderful news. Here's to a healthy, happy 9 months! I just had a lap (& Ovarian Drilling) on Friday, so it's really nice to read a success story post-lap! Take care!



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