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curious - June 30

Can anyone tell me roughly how many days you ovulate for??? I know on my main day of ovulation, I can feel it, but wanted to know for how long!!!


kc - June 30

Ovulation takes only 15 minutes. After ovulation your egg is only good for 12 hours. It is best to bd the day or two before and the day of ovulation. Sperm can live average 1 to 3 days so your most fertile time is the day before. I hope this helps.


curious - July 1

thanks kc!!! I ovulated on the 28th june, & ml on the 26th & on the 30th, what do you think my chances are???


kc - July 1

your chances are good. The swimmers can survive for 3 days so they were there when you hit the big O. Lots of luck and baby dust to you. You can test around 10 to 12 days past ovulation with an early hpt. Boy I hate that waiting time!


curious - July 3

fingers crossed, my nipples are really sensitive right now, I cant remember if that is a sign, or if it is to early, I have a son he is 22months old, but i never new i was pregnant until i was 8 weeks, wasnt trying i was on the pill at that stage, now we have been trying for 10 months, i had a miscarige in march at five weeks!!! But it is so much harder and frustrating when you are trying!! I hate the waiting period too. Are you ttc?? if so how long have you been trying for? baby dust to you!!! :)


kc - July 4

When pg with my daughter now 4. i do not remember sore nipples but I do remember my first sign was sore breasts in my under arm area. Lots of luck to you. I am expecting a vist from the nasty aunt on the 16 so its still to early for me to have any signs


curious - July 5

I also have slightly sore breast, but my nipples are really sensitive, and i've never had that before!!! I guess its a bit early just yet im due for af on the 12th! I hope all is positive for you! If i am preg, it will take a while before i get to excited about it, cause i had a miscarige in march. After 7 months of trying! This month is 11 months for us! How long have you bee ttc for???


kc - July 5

It sounds like you have a very good chance of being a mommy soon. I'll cross my fingers for you. The waiting to find out for sure is the worst.
We ttc 2 years with my first with 2 early mc (around 5 weeks). We've been ttc for 14 months with this one and I recently mc in April at 7 weeks. Its very frustrating!!! I've been eating very healthy, taking prenat. vit. for the 14 months it upsets me to see expecting mothers and parents of newborns smoking, eating horribly and think nothing of it. Its just not fair. Sorry for the outburst. If you smoke I'm sorry if I offended you. Its just one of my pet pieves. Lots of baby dust to you. Please let me know if you bet a bfp.


curious - July 6

Na im not a smoker, I have the same feelings about it as you do!!! I know a few people who have smoked & drank throughout there pregnancies, I just dont know how they can do it!! :( I was nearly gonna take a test this morning, but i will wait untill next week! This is gonna be the longest week ever!!!!! I have fingers crossed for you too! :)


kc - July 7

Please let me know how everything turns out. GOOD LUCK!!!! A March baby will be a nice early Easter gift.


curious - July 7

Thanks, i will let you know for sure, the count down is on, 5 days to go!!! March would be great, I my son was born on september 11, even it out a bit!!


curious (cb) - July 12

hi kc, well it is the 12th 6-10pm (im in Australia) and i havnt got af as of yet!!! my breast are really sore and a bit itchy, i urinate more frequently, but i am too scared to take a preg test!!! Im gonna wait for another day or two!! i have my fingers crossed so tightly!!! Will let you know what happens ***


kc - July 12

Sore chest, frequent bathroom trips are a great sign!!! I really hope you get a bfp tomorrow. I'm waiting for Friday, its so hard to wait to test. I'm not having any symptoms so chances are slim for me this month. Lots of luck. I'll sprinkle some baby dust on you. If you are there is a site on here for pregnancy you may want to check out.


curious (cb) - July 13

I took a test today (13th) And it was positive!!! :) Now i really hope that i get past 5 weeks!!! I hope this is your month too! baby dust to everyone :) :)



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