Curious and Frustrated
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TC - February 8

I have had 2 abortions before and I have irregular periods. About a year ago when I visited my gyn, they told me that I had pre cancerous cells that can cause me to have cervical cancer if I didn't treat it. After receiving treatment, the doctor to me that my PAP smear test came back normal. They said that it would not affect my chances of getting pregnant. I have been with my fiance for 5 years now and have been having unprotected sex. I still haven't gotten pregnant. Do you think my abortion had anything to do with it? It's getting me really frustrated every time I miss my period and im not pregnant. I am always disappointed every time I take the pregnancy test. My last period was Nov.14, 2004. Today is February 8, 2005. What should I do?


:( - February 8

My last period was 22 November as I have irregular periods as well. I think that both of us need to take something for ovulation and to regulate our periods. Somebody from this forum suggested o take herb black cohosh. Please read about this in internet you have a lot of information. I wish you good luck. FYI I amd on TTC for about 4 years.



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