Crazy story!! :))
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Amber - July 4

This is kinda crazy, but I thought I'd tell you guys anyway. A friend of one of my co-workers has physic abilities. She has come up with some outragious things over the past year BUT every single thing has actually happened. She had told my co-worker that she'd get pregnant in March. At that time having another child was something only she was considering. But come March...sure enough she is PREGNANT. At that time, the physic lady said I would be shortly behind her. Nothing nothing nothing. As all of you, I have been playing the waiting game. She called my co-worker today and asked if I am pregnant yet! She says it's going to happen sooooon! :) Probably before August...that's 2 months LADIES! hehehe Anyway...I just wanted to have this in writing and documented so come August hopefully I'll have some good news for the forum. :) Fingers crossed :))


merlee - July 4

Amber, keep us posted on when it happens. Could she maybe give me a reading? lol.


bump - July 4

bump bump


kim - July 4

yeah, ask her about me too! i just found out i'm for sure not ovulating, and i don't get to see a gyno until sept 29th!!!!! could you imagine if you really did get pregnant in august?! amazing, keep us posted!!


Amy - July 4

Hey, me too. lol. My hubby and I just started trying. I really hope that it will happen soon for us. I have this feeling that it will. Plus, there have been some signs. Well, things that I take as signs. My hubby and I decided that when we do get pregnant, we were going to do the room in prescious moments. I looked at last night and found the prescious moments crib set that i wanted. well, we went to a yardsale today and found the exact same cribset there. of course, we bought it. what do you guys think? sign or coincidence?


merlee - July 4

You have to believe in the signs. Or you will have no faith. Signs can keep you hopeful when you have nothing else. Good Luck and ~Baby Dust~


TJ - July 6

I want the psychic to give me a reading!!! Where is she located?/


Amber - July 6

She doesn't do readings for money....just if she knows something about you she'll tell you or drop hints around. lol When my co-worker first started telling me about this lady I thought she was crazy....but she has come up with some pretty wild things and EVERY SINGLE THING has happened. She has a true gift! I am just praying so hard she's right with me...I'll cry if she's wrong!


Drew - July 6

I had a crazy sign occurance about a week ago... I got a really horrible cold, and went to Wal-Mart that evening to find something for it. As I was standing there looking at everything, a very pregnant lady came my way looking for pregnancy-friendly cold remidies and vitamins!! I just had to tell dh when I got home, and he couldn't believe it!! I truely believe in signs, and I can't wait till August to see if her preminition was true!!! Fingers are crossed for you :)


Amber - July 6

Isn't it funny how things like that happen!! Out of the blue on Sunday, my grandmother calls me and asked if I am pregnant. I have no idea why she would say that....I am sure it's going to happen soon. I have the 'feeling'! :)


mel - July 14

Good luck amber. i believe in signs to. my mom told me she was craving watermelon. she only craved it when she was pg with me. and my best friend aslo told me that i would be getting pregnant soon. i am afraid to read my own cards because i don't want to influence them into saying i will get pg soon. bc i don't want to get disappionted if i get a bfn. let me know how all this works out for dust to all.....


Drew - July 15

Ok, here's another kinda crazy story. I was having supper with my sis last night, and she told me she had a dream that I was pg. She doesn't know we are ttc, cause we haven't really told anyone. Only because I don't want the extra pressure from family. Then last night I had a dream that my uncle, who moved to Indiana called to congratulate me on my pregnancy. So now I'm trying to decide if I'm going totally crazy, and my heart wants to be pg so bad these things are happening, or if it really is gonna happen soon. I don't know any more. :(


cb - July 15

hi drew, about two weeks ago my best mate had a dream that i was pregnant, than it went on and i had a baby boy!! Than two days ago i found out that i am pregnant! So i wounder if it will be another boy!!! Dreams can tell a lot i reckon!! fingers crossed! when is your af due?? baby dust to all **


Krystle - July 15

Drew, I know that your pg tests came back neg. but did af ever arrive?? Everyone I have talked to on here are very nice, but you are one of the nicest people. And, you have been ttc for so long I am pulling for you. I hope you're dreams come true! ~*~*baby dust to all~*~*



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