crazy clomid side effect = thrush? -Please help!!
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Skeeved Out! - December 6

Ladies, I need some thoughts here... I just took my first round of clomid – yesterday was the last pill. I noticed the morning after my first pill as I was brushing my teeth & tongue – that my tongue was stained a brownish tint with a creamy / hairy looking base. I was like wow, what the hell is that?! I brushed, brushed & scraped & gargled with listerene... It did not come off. Okay – so I thought this may be a side effect?! Or a really freak occurrence.... Each day I policed my tongue & still, brown – creamy / hairy looking – not at the tip – towards the back of my tongue... I have great dental hygiene!! I’m not sick. I don’t feel any throat irritation but have since day one on this clomid had a slightly itching – more salvia in my mouth – hard swallowing kind of symptom... Frankly – the hot flashes were practically MIA & I only had a handful of headache / migraine pain spells. The side effects I am having is this damn thrush?!? Like symptom & cloudy urine from time to time.... I am freaked out!!! I started researching on the net what is thrush – it doesn’t look like any of the pictured I’ve seen but- when I open my mouth & look at it – I know there is a problem here! I have some over the counter yeast be gone pills (mainly garlic, pau d’ arco, caprycillic acid & lactobacillus, etc... I ate a handful of them on my way to work & called my RE & left a message for a nurse to call me back... I am supposed to O over the weekend & haven’t seen my DH in over a month – I’ll be damned if I cant kiss my husband because I have some hairy slimy creamy brown tongue infection form this damn clomid! It has to be from the clomid – I have not changed my dental routine in months & have not been taking anything else... WTF?!?! I am so embarrassed – this is weird. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS SIDE EFFECT W? CLOMID?!? PLEASE HELP!


Sara - December 7

Maybe call your local pharmacist and ask if this is a side effect of Clomid. I've been on Clomid for many months now and I've never had that kind of problem with it.



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