Cramps should I go to the MD???
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mg - March 5

My DH and I have been TTC for a year, we are supposed to start Clomid this next cycle, So here is my question- since about 6-7 DPO I have had AF type cramps, which I normally dont get until a day after AF has started. I am currently 10-11 DPO and I dont have my normal PMS signs (extreme hunger, tired and bloated) matter of fact I looked at the calendar the other day and had a hard time believing AF is going to arrive this week. I just dont know why I have cramps its very unusual for me this early. I had a very very mild BV which went away after a day or two(normal after the O) Now I have just had a creamy white discharge (no smell or itch), which has turned very watery today. I am pretty sure I dont have an infection (no fever, chills or tenderness) I just feel a little sick to my stomach (which has started yesterday) and I am REALLY not hungry. Should I call my MD, or just wait this out?


Kathy - March 5

I had bad cramps 2 months ago on Clomid but closer to when my period was supposed to come. I took prescription ibuprofin. I didn't think I could be pregnant. I would call my doctor. I would just play it safe. Goodluck.


mg - March 5

I have not started Clomid yet, I am supposed to start it on days 5-9 of this coming cycle. I just feel gross right now.


Kathy - March 5

mg, why do you feel gross?


mg - March 5

I just have cramps, I am tired but I cant sleep, my stomach is upset, I am hungry but I dont want to eat or drink anything. I just kinda ache all over, I am really restless and irritated (probley has something to do with not sleeping). I just feel crappy, like the type of crappy you feel when you have a really heavy AF day, and you think your getting the flu or something.


mg - March 5

Oh and I almost forgot to add horrific heartburn to that mess.


Kathy - March 5

Do you have AF now? Or how far away is it?


Dee - March 5

mg I would be interested to know how this turns out for you. I want to say it sounds like prego symptoms but I expierenced this last month I had cramps that caused me to double over in pain and it was no where near AF. AF showed on time thought. Good Luck I hope it is PG signs. If you do talk to the dr let us know what he says.


Maren - March 5

sounds like it could be pregnancy symtpoms. Good Luck to you!!


mg - March 5

Well Af is due on the 8th or 9th, but I think its more of the 8th. I the cramps are what is strange to me, but who knows I know better then to get my hopes up. LOL


S - March 6

MG, AF is due for me on the 8th or 9th as well. I took clomid on days 5-9 of this past cycle. Since taking the clomid, I have had a lot of discomfort in the ovary area which is to be expected. It stopped for a few days last week, but started again this weekend, accompanied by a feeling of fullness in my abdomen area and ewcm. I am now on cd27 and there is no way I am only ovulating now. I don't feel hungry at all anymore and can barely eat one helping at dinner time. However, I don't feel any nausea. I have felt extremely tired, actually exhausted is a better word. It is to the point where it requires effort sometimes to move. I think if AF hasn't shown up by Friday, I will test. If you are really concerned, you should talk to your dr. Good luck to you and I hope everything turns out well for you!


Mega - March 6

Try to wait it out a couple more days, by Tues. or Wed. you should be able to test. I hope it's PG symptoms for you. It certainly sounds like it could be. That would be wonderful if you conceived on your own w/out Clomid. Keep us posted. Hang in there. Good luck to you too, S.


mg - March 6

I had a positive OPK on 2-22, so I would expect my AF somewhere between the 8th-9th (28 day cycle) Actually the cramps went away as of this morning, I just have a dull achey feeling. I am just tired and not feeling well. Very restless. Hopefully I will get a BFP and not a Big fat AF@!!!


serafina - March 6

mg - i'm having the same thing!!! i've experienced the white discharge - almost like i'm approaching the o, but i already did around the 22-24th. also feeling crampy, tired & moody. the cramping is kinda like a dull ache, it comes & goes, but definitely noticeable. the thing i'm most stumped by is the discharge - never had that between ov and af. my af is due the 9th or 10th. sounds like we have similar symptoms & similar timing - we'll wait together! good luck & baby dust!!


mg - March 6

I just feel like I am going to get my AF. I am just sure I will start on time like always. Do you ever get to the point that you dont even care if you get Af or not becouse you have been disapointed so many times?


mg - March 9

welll still no Af, the only symptomes I have are extreme lack of hunger, tired, slightly tender breasts that are swollen, ewcm and cramps. I guess I could start either today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow. The wait game begins!!!!! I took a HPT today and got what I believe is a BFN (I had a shadowy line??) Nothing to get happy about>>


mg - March 10

still no AF, nothing but a BFN!!!



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