cramps or just gas
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HotRodGurl - October 1

I posted a question on here earlier but I thought maybe the reason no one responded was because maybe I was just too detailed or they didn't wanna read it all so, basically I'm asking the same thing here just wondering if you stop Metformin can it cause you to have cramps and if I push on my lower stomach not hard just a little it feels sore and my left breast is kinda sore but not really bad. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Could I be preggo and the urine test didn't show up because maybe it's too early? please respond anything is appreciated. thanks!


To: Hot Rod Girl - October 1

Hi, I don't really know if you get cramps when you stop Metformin. It sounds to me you have gas, if your stomach is hard or sore. But I could be wrong. Is there a reason you stopped Metformin?


HotRodGurl - October 1

I stopped it because it was making me so sick I was taking 1500mg and the doctor uped my dosage to 2500 in less than a week and my husband and I decided just to forget it because if it's making me sick with 1500 mgs. then imagine 2500mgs. and yes, my lower stomach is a little sore like right in the middle.


bump - October 3



M'Rita - October 3

Hi Girl! Unfortunately I don't know anything about Metformin or its affects. I've just had 4 positive HPT and I've been having some cramps, since 6-7DPO and they are just getting worst and worst, so u could be PG! Is ur AF due anytime soon, as this could also give u cramps and s.boobs. Do another test! Good luck!
Love xxx Rita



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