cramps on clomid
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kristina - June 7

it is day 17 of my cycle...i have been having bad cramps and a bad side ache for 5 days now...i woke up today with neasea. anyone else on clomid...(i took it days 5-9) with theses symptom...sore boobs too...


MelissaS - June 7

Hi Kristina. I also had cramping around day 17 or so. It was after O. And, I did have nausia about 1 week later. These are common side effects with clomid. Not sure if tender breasts also are. This was my first cycle.


Elizabeth - June 9

I am on my 6th month of clomid, no sucess so far. I have bad mood swings, hot flashes, cramps and abnormal bleeding. I still have 2 days before I officially start but I have been spotting/light bleeding for the past 5 days. Don't know what's going on. It's very frustrating. My nipples are also sore. I really can't tell if these are signs of prenancy of side effects of clomid.


Shelley - June 12

Hi Kristina, I was on clomid for just one month and it worked!! I had very bad pains and the doctor told me that they were ovulation pains.It workd so I guess she was right!! I hope that is what is going on with you also. How long have you been on it?? Good luck to you!!


Nichole - June 12

I'm on our first cycle of Clomid also. I did have cramps on CD 16 and 17, ultrasound confirmed ovulation. I did read that sore boobs were a side effect. I test Friday (June 17) so wish me luck and good luck to you ladies!!!



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