Cramps and then BFP??? Anyone???
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D - August 21

This is our 7th month trying after having a miscarriage in January. Today was day 26 of my 31 day cycle and I started to have mild cramps. I was wondering if anyone has experienced these sort of cramps only to find out later that they were pregnant. Is this possible? Is it too early or too late to have cramps like this? I keep trying not to get my hopes up but I would love to found out this month that I am pregnant. I am due for a/f next wednesday and that was actually my due date from the first pregnancy. I'll have to wait and see. Can anyone offer any advice to calm me down a little? Thank you!


Amy - August 21

Hello. I am 12-13 dpo right now. I have had mild cramping for atleast a week now. maybe a lil longer. well, I tested friday night which was the 19th and then again saturday morning, the 20th and i got a faint positive. there fore, i guess i am pregnant. lol. anyhow, it is possible to get mild cramping now. Mine seems to be a lil more constant now. not unbearable pain though. good luck and keep me posted, ok? baby dust to you!!!!


D - August 21

To Amy-- Thanks for your reply! Are you a few days past your period though? I still have 4 or 5 days to go and I am cramping like a/f is on the way. I think I will get my period but I am hoping to found out I am pregnant. I'll keep you posted. Good luck to you!


D - August 21

Anyone else???? Period or pregnant...what do you ladies think???


Amy - August 22

Hello again. Well, I am due to start my period on the 24th, but I tested again this morning and the line is darker!!! I am pregnant!!! I am so excited! Good luck to you and i wish you the best of luck girl! We are gonna go to the doctor today after work. I have to make an appointment though. We may have to wait til friday though to get in and see the doc. I guess i will find out today. I will keep you posted, ok? baby dust to you!!! sending a double dose your way!!!


D - August 22

Hi again Amy-- I am due for my period on the 25th. It is encouraging to hear that you have also had cramps and you are pregnant! Maybe that will happen for me too. How long have you been trying? Congratulations and Good luck!!!


Lena - August 22

I felt PMSy with cramps just like every other cycle until the day before af was due. On the day af was due I felt normal like it was mid cycle with no PMS and no af. Best wished to you! I know you've been trying for a long time.


Lena - August 22

Congratulations Amy!


Coreene - August 22

Yes, I had cramps for a week or o before my period was due. I am now 9 weeks pregnant, so if af doesn't come by cycle day 31 I would test. Good Luck.


Amy - August 23

Thank you both. I wish you the best of luck D. Maybe you are pregnant. IF not, do not give up. This was hubby and mine 2nd month. I know, did not take us long. I hate saying that it is only our 2nd month and we did it, cuz there are others out there that have been trying so much longer. I wish everyone the best of luck. It will happen. We prayed all the time. and this month, I kept praying that we would get pregnant. and turns out we are! Now, I know 2 months is not long, but i have also waited since 2003 for hubby to be ready. So, I have actually waited for quite a while. Good luck to everyone!!!



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