Cramps 4 days after IUI- From Follistim or Pregnant?
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Amysince70 - January 17

Hi everyone! I took a break from the boards for a while...Was getting kind of bummed out. I started with injectables this past month, everything went GREAT and I had FIVE mature follicles on day 12 so I was triggered and had the IUI 36 hours later. It all seemed so perfect this time until the nurse came in to tell me that my husband only had 2.8 motile sperm. Bummer. I did the IUI anyway and today, 4 days past the IUI, I feel like my period is coming any minute. My question is....Could this be a sign of pregnancy? Or is it more likely to be a side effect form the Follistim? Thanks and I hope everyone is making lots of babies!


Mega - January 17

Hey Amy! Welcome back. I know you & I have chatted in the past. Anyway, my instinct is that right now the cramps are more likely from your enlarged ovaries (I've been on Follistim before for IVF & my ovaries were HUGE, I was an egg making machine on Follistim--LOVE that drug). But that said, do not discount the fact you could very well be pg this cycle. Just it's a little early for pg related cramping now. If after a few more days (when the embie or embies have had a chance to implant) & cramping continues that would be a promising sign I'd say. So hang in there! And good luck! Hoping this is your lucky cycle. And 5 mature follies for an IUI is very good.


Amysince70 - January 17

Hey Mega! Nice to hear from you... Yeah, 5 follies are good...But not with 2.8 million motile sperm. I have decided to do a natural cycle next month with back to back IUI's since dh will be out of towm. I plan of drinking fertili-tea, relaxing and crossing my fingers. A part of me wonders if the clomid has thrown my body out of whack as I have not had cm at all since before I started taking it. I don't even remember what it feels like!


Amysince70 - January 17

Next step is IVF.



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