cramping way before period due
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bellaxo - August 9

Hello. I am on Day 23 of my cycle and i am having slight cramping. Almost like period cramps but not as prominant. I change this month from clomid to femara and i am not due for my period until atleast sunday. Any words of wisdom?


Carolyn - August 19

I am on Day 8 and just finished taking femara and I have cramping too. Is this normal?


Cassidy - August 19

I have heard that one of the first signs of pregnancy CAN be cramping (like menstrual cramps) but it could mean a lot of other things too I guess. Some women feel like af is about to arrive... keep waiting for it... and then find out they are pregnant. Don't want to give false hope, but good luck!!


D. - August 19

My thinking is the same as Cassidy's. It could be anything, but it could definitely be a sign. I hope it's a sign!



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