cramping, stress or ovulation?
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Maren - December 17

Yesterday I got really bad cramping in my stomach that seemed to continue up my chest and into my sholders. It was at the end of work and I had to go home and lay down for an hour. After an hour and some pepto I started to feel better. I have had light cramping since but not that bad. (I have felt this type of cramping before, I don't remember when during the month) Could this by caused by stress? Or, perhaps ovulation cramping. I should be ovulation around now.


Tink - December 18

where is the cramping? if you have ovulation pains, it is very down low, like in the pelvic area, down below your belly button, right at your hip bone area, but in some. anything higher up is probably something else. are you on meds? I assume not. meds will make you cramp much more and cause side effects like stomach pains/naseua etc. too. of course you could have side effects on your own too- who knows. anything in chest and shoulders is definitely not ovulation i wouldn't think. could be heartburn?



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