Cramping/Pulling feeling in mid abdomen during implantation?
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Tenk - April 18

I'm having this bad/uncomfortable pulling cramping feeling in the middle of my tummy. I'm 6 dpo today. I DO normally have cramping BUT it's always in my sides/ovary area. It's never in the middle. Feels like AF's coming. Stomach virus type thing you think? Kinda feels like I need to have a BM (sorry TMI)....any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


pmblake - April 18

Hi Tenk - I was 10dpo when I had the most miserable pain in my lower back and belly area. I was implanting and didn't know it. It only lasted for like 8-10 hours and then the next day I was fine! No pain at all! Good luck to you. It sounds very similar to the pain I experienced. I just knew I was going to gush AF any second. Let us know how it turns out for you! OH, I just read my chart more and also on the day my cervix dropped to a medium and was mushy. really soft and thick feeling. This was also a sign of pregnancy that I didn't know about.


Blakey - April 19

Nope, I didn't feel that way. I did IVF, and had read that implantation would occur about 6 days after the transfer, so I was looking for signs. Sure enough, on my 6th day, I felt this strange pain on my right side (where my ovary would be)- it was very distinctive, had never felt a twinge (pain) like that before..I just had a strong feeling it was my embryo implanting. The pain only lasted for about 5 minutes, and then I was fine. For the rest of my 2ww, I felt good, until 4 days before my HCG test, I thought I was getting my period, had mild cramps, and fled to DH and started to cry. He got me back on track, and said don't loose hope, and think positive. I never had any sing of peiod, no spotting...then I went in 4 days later for my bloodtest, and I tested positive!!! 1st pregnancy, I am 41!!!

Good luck!


lizworkinonbaby - April 19

I am having a pressure,and pain low, almost near my cervix,like Im going to start my p, but a little worse. It only lasts a few min, but last night I kept waking up. I finished my first round of clomid 50mg on the 5th, so O 9-13, wouldn't it be too early for implanting??


yumymumy - April 19

here is some info i found out about IB because i think im going thro this now, iv tryed doing HPTS but it doesnt show a posative its because we dont start producing HGC until after IB is finished .
"Implantation" refers to the embryo attaching itself to the uterus. Sometimes women experience spotting or even light bleeding as the embryo burrows deep into the lining. (Some don't; either is normal.) This process can happen in a day, but in some cases, takes a full 4 days for the embryo to completely attach. Implantation generally occurs between 6-12 days following ovulation/conception, with the majority (over 80%) occurring between 8-10 days past ovulation (DPO.)
Once implantation is complete, the embryo begins producing hCG, the pregnancy hormone. It usually takes about 2-4 days for the implanted embryo to begin producing hCG at a high enough level to be detected by a sensitive pregnancy test. So, if you have experienced spotting or bleeding, and you believe it may be related to implantation, you should probably wait about 2-4 days to test (using a sensitive, early-detection test that measures at 25 mIU/mL or lower. If you are using a test that is less sensitive, allow more time.It is possible to experience a negative test at this point and still be pregnant; if so, wait another couple of days to allow the hCG to build up in your system to a level high enough to be detected, and test again.


yumymumy - April 19

HCG* typo


Mega - April 19

It's certainly possible. I only felt implantation once (in my 2 pgs, first was a m/c). It happened a few days after my ET, so I guess I was half expecting it. Or hoping anyway. For me it was extremely brief, like a twinge really, but it was in the middle of where my uterous would be. Sure enough I ended up pg that cycle. This pregnancy though, the healthy one, I didn't feel anything but as it was natural I didn't expect to feel implantation either. So it sounds like implantation (for the lucky few that feel it) differs for us all. I don't want to give you false hope of course but yeah definitely possible & 6 DPO is certainly reasonable for implantation. Here's hoping! Especially with all you did this cycle. More agressive than your past ones. Good luck!


lizworkinonbaby - April 21

hey guys,well I got my blood work back from the forst round of clomid..said I didn't o...this is sooo frustrating, because I know Im new to all fo this but I thought if your periods were reg you ovulated??? So now Im wondering how long I


lizworkinonbaby - April 21

(sorry) wondering now how long I have "not" been ovulating. grrr, but i know that I am still lucky to have only been trying one month. I will tell you that its really hard when you feel like nurses aren't listening. I told them about my pain, and that maybe I was ovulating the last coupld days, and not last week according to the chart, but they still want me to try another round of clomid on days 3-7, so I will and they are upping the dose. Anyone else star on 100mg after one round 50mg??


Tenk - April 22

Thanks Mega, and all the other awesome ladies that answered here. Liz, I started on 100mg, and now I'm on my 5th round. I know for sure I O. I think that my wonderful hubby is having some delayed sperm issues. I've been pregnant 6 times, we have 3 children. 2 M/C's and one full term still birth. Now, he can't get me pregnant.......who knows what's going on. Anyway, I had that same pulling dull ache cramping feeling in the middle again today and sharp twinges/pains on my right side. Which is weird b/c all the eggs on that side we only 8mm (6 of them) on CD 13 then I O'd on day 15. So they didn't have anytime to mature during that time. Anywho, I had a BFN today at 9 dpo, my last + was at 11 dpo, and since I'm a poas aholic I will poas again tomo and the next day and the next day...LOL and I'll either get two lines or AF will show. GL all


lizworkinonbaby - April 22

I don't know what the heck is going on, Ive been nauseated,for like an hour at a time, then fine, tired, can clomid have this kind of affect this late? My last one waz April5th


Tenk - April 22

Clomid makes me nauseated all the time. Sorry, but hey it's a pregnancy symptom too right...GL



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