Cramping during implantation, how soon?
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Lena - August 17

Anna, I did have PMS-like cramps and they did go away. Last week I was unbeliveable tired - was tempted to pull over and nap during my commute home a few days, but this week (5-1/2 wks) I feel pretty normal. An occassional tingly-like, PMS cramp for a few minutes at a time but milder and not all day like I would usually have before AF.


Angie - August 17

Hey Amy, we have the same cycle. I o on the 9or 10. BD the 9,10,11, and 12. Im feeling sick, i actually threw-up yesterday and today. I have this pressure or pulling in my lower pelvic area. And my breast are sore to touch. AF isn't due until wed 08/24. I do have a little concern about being pregnant, because with all my pregnancies i had implantation bleeding, and usually i experience it about the 21 day of my cycle. So far i had nothing yet, actually the cum is real dry and thick. Has anyone else had any symptoms like this?


Anna - August 19

Thanks, for all of your advice and support girls! I really appreciate it! I did get a bfn on my blood test today. :( Not too happy this morning, but it's not the end of the world. There's always next month or every one after that. But I'm back to square one and now more frustrated and confused with my body than ever. No af yet and I don't think it's coming. So it's off to the md AGAIN to try and figure out what's going on. I think fertility meds next...or atleast that's what he said last time. So I'm hoping the rest of you have better luck this month! Oh, by the way Lena-congrats on your PG!! I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you earlier. Hope the next nine months go well for you! *baby dust*


Lena - August 19

Anna, so sorry this isn't your month. It sure is disapointing and tough. Hang in there though, it will eventually happen. Just keep the faith and never lose hope.


jazzystar9 - August 10

Me and my husband are trying for number 3 and we started this past Friday Aug. 6...I am not supposed to start my menstrual cycle until the 20 of Aug and the last 2 days I have had off and on cramping. I was wondering if this could be implantation cramping or would it be too soon? I have taken 1 pregnancy test and it was negative but again wondering if it is too soon to take a test? Any help would be great thanks:)


Kandaice - September 15

Hi girls, hi ovulated on August 27 by. It was due by September 10 this month and I have not received it. I am wondering if I am pregnant however I have taken two tests so far and both have come up negative. I experienced the cramping from the 11th and on throughout this past week I'm wondering if it's possibly implantation cramping? Because I keep cramping but having no menstrual So far. Also I read up that implantation can take up to five days so maybe this is why I have not got back a positive results yet? Any advice?


Kandaice - September 15

My PERIOD was due Sept. 10th stupid auto type lol



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