Cramping during implantation, how soon?
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Anna - August 11

I was wondering if anyone has gotten cramping with implantation and how soon after ovulation? I O'ed around July 30th and have started getting mild cramping off and on since August 8th. I'm not due to start until the 13th. Several times I have made a mad dash for the bathroom thinking I was going to start, but nothing-not even spotting. Very odd for me. Plus, I found out that my mom and sisters had the same thing with their pregnancies-cramping and feeling like af was going to start. I, also, had a faint +++ test on the 8th, but then the next one was negative. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!


Jill - August 11

Anna. Sounds like you and I feelig some of the same things right now. I o'ed around the 28th. I start tomorrow the 12gh. I have also experienced very sore breasts along with the cramping. I haven't tested yet. I was thinking about tomorrow am. Have you had any spotting? I have heard that you spot with implantation.


Anna - August 11

No, I have had no spotting or bleeding. I have had really sore ovaries. Whenever I get cramping like this, I always start my af within a day or so, and I typically have some spotting or pink tinted cm. Sooo......I have no idea! I'm just hoping to get a bfp. I'm testing this evening and/or tomorrow morning. What day did you start getting the cramping/sore bbs? Maybe if both of us started around the same number of days after O'ing then were both PG! Mine started around 9 days after O'ing. Good luck! ***BABY DUST*** to you!


Lena - August 11

I had, what I believe to be implantation cramping approx 9 - 10 dpo. AF was 7/8, IUI on 7/22 & 7/23, Sharp O-like pain on 7/31, darker areola on 8/1 and bfp on 8/5. Hope that helps. Best wishes for a bfp!


Jill - August 11

I hoping for a bfp too! I am going to test tomorrow morning. My bbs have been sore since the 8th or 9th. Moreso the last couple of days. I don't usually get sore bbs with AF so I am really wondering. My cramping started about 10 days after O'ing. Baby dust to you too! Let me know when you test!


Jill - August 11

Lena. Did you have sore bbs too? or just the darker aerola?


jen - August 11

i have the same thing i am suppose to start the 13th also and i have cramping and my boobs are sore all i can do is pray that this month god will bless me with a baby


Brandi - August 11

Anna-We are on the same cycle I o'd the same day and due to start on the 13th as well. Cramping around implantation is very normal so is spotting. What are your symptoms mine are sore boobs, not the nipples so much which is kind of discouraging because I know your nipples get really sore when your preggo. I'm to scared to test I think I will wait and see if I don't start by monday I will test but I have been trying for 6 months now.


Jill - August 12

Brandi, I am due the 13th and I have the sore boobs and cramping too. Hopefully we all are pg. Baby dust!


Lena - August 12

Jill, My bbs started to get sore on Tuesday of last week - day after areolas darkended. It wasn't that they were sensative or sore to the touch, like I had expected, but more like I'd gone jogging without a bra. This week they don't hurt as much. A coworker's areola, who is a month farther than I am, are just starting to darken. LOL! It amazing the things we talk about when ttc or pg. I wish you all the strongest bfp's!!!! I'm only a 1-2 wks ahead of you all so I'm looking forward to comparing our pregnacies together.


Anna - August 13

Hey Brandi! Sorry, I didn't answer right away. I have been away last day or so. Besides the cramping, I really have not had any other symptoms. Well, I was feeling really tired and like I was dragging yesterday. But that could be from anything. My cramps have actually lightened up and I no longer feel like I'm going to start my af except for every once in a while. My last test that I took yesterday morning said bfn. But I know that that may still be too early. Who knows! Atleast, no af yet! How are you feeling? Still having cramping and sore bbs? How about everyone else? Anyone test or start their af? Well, I hope it's good news for all of us! ***BABY DUST*** to everyone here!


Anna - August 15

Any good news from anyone? I'm still waiting. No af and no s/s of getting it. I'm seeing my OB/GYN this week to get a blood test done. **BABY DUST** to all of you!


Amy - August 15

Hey. I ovulated either 8/9 or 8/10. did not get a test though. but i know one or the other. so i am either 5 or 6 dpo. I must say that the only thing i have noticed is that my nipples are sensative. not sore though. it is pleasurable during our intimate times. sorry for gettin personal but wanted to let yall know so maybe yall can help me. have felt quite tired also, but do not know if it is just from work and heat. my tummy feels slightly tight. I am due for af on or around the 24th of this month. so that is 10 days away. i read that if i am pregnant, that a test should work about the 20th. Anyhow, i wish all of you the best of luck and lots of baby dust to you all!!!!!


Anna - August 17

Well, so what's up with everyone? Got my blood test done today and now waiting on the results either tomorrow or Thursday! Keeping my fingers crossed! I do have a question. Did anyones cramps lessen up with time? The first four or five days, I had strong mild cramping and feeling of starting af. But since then, the cramps are not as strong and not as often. I only feel like starting af every once in a while. Anybody get this? Good luck girls and hoping for lots of BFPs from everyone here! *baby dust*


Stephanie - August 17

I wish you all the best! *Baby Dust* to everybody. I plan on taking my 2nd test 6 or 7 days. Mainly because I am scared that it will come back negative. Anyways I have been have a little crampling as well and feeling like I need to go to the bathroom all the time. No sore bbs though, I o'ed on the 10th and shouldn't start until the 26th. I am not sure if I can wait that long. Best wishes to everyone.


Susan - August 17

I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 7 months. Every month I cramp, spot and wait... then my period comes! The best thing you can do for yourself is relax, dont stress over symptoms that resemble your period because it's only a big let down when your period comes. Keep at it and eventually it will happen... so I'm told!


Lena - August 17

Anna, I did have PMS-like cramps and they did go away. Last week I was unbeliveable tired - was tempted to pull over and nap during my commute home a few days, but this week (5-1/2 wks) I feel pretty normal. An occassional tingly-like, PMS cramp for a few minutes at a time but milder and not all day like I would usually have before AF.



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