cramping CD50! (sorry long post)
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MuzikGurl - December 9

Hi, I've posted on here a couple of times but, mostly replies so, this time I have a question. I have very VERY irregular periods and the last one I have was on Oct. 21st it last two days (normally when my period came it lasts only 4-5 days). I didn't have any symptoms or anything up until these past few days I went to the doc. on Monday 12/5 and he didn't tell me yes or no on the pg test I assume that's what they did when I peed in a cup, but he did do a pevlic examine and told me that was normal...but I wasn't having any pains or anything that didn't start until last night. My boobs started to get kinda pinchy feeling and today when I woke up I have horrible left pelvic pains almost like muscle pains not sharp pains..I ahve been dx in the past with another dr. with cysts on my ovaries and was giving meds for those but, I stopped them due to side effects work issues back in sept. of this year the dr. I was seeing wasn't very smart to me so I switched and saw the new one monday. He is supossed to be scheduling me a sonogram soon, my question is this with having irregular periods, no symptoms of pg until now on day 50, what do you guys think I shoud do? should I call my dr. and tell him about the pains? should I just ride it out and wait (I don't kno when my sonogram appt is..)? Do you guys think it's either late ovulation? really pg symptoms and I should test? or maybe af is coming? I have been changing my eating habits for the past three or four days cause dr told me I needed to lose weight and I kinda agree in order to get my period normal again or close to it. Please let me know if anyone has gone through this and/or anyone who has any insight it's greatly appreciated.


Mega - December 9

Hi MuzikGurl. Really it could be any of those scenarios. Typically with such long cycles it's unlikely you're ov, but it's not impossible. So yes, one definite possibility is that you are having a late O. I'd imagine if your pg test was pos., they'd have told you straight away. Also, it sounds like it could be a cyst. Esp. since it sounds like you have a history of cysts. Either case, I'd suggest you call your dr & maybe see if he can move up your sonogram appt. Good luck. Hang in there!


MuzikGurl - December 10

Hey Mega, well I tested for ovulation with a kit and it's neg. and I bought a semi cheap pg test tonight and it said neg. but, I'm still having some pains but, I did call my ob and they moved my appt. to 8:45 am on Monday so, it's good. If you care I'll keep u informed...well, baby dust and thanks for responding.


mega - December 12

How did your appt go? are u pregnant? keep posted



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