Cramping bad and then no af. What's wrong??
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Kelly - June 21

Hi, I have been cramping off and on since cd20. Last night cd25, I started cramping and feeling achy to the point I took two tylenol and curled up in the bed to watch tv and fall asleep. I just knew af was calling! Anyway, I woke up this morning and nothing! I have stopped cramping and never spotted w/ the cramping. I am afraid something medical is wrong because I took a HPT on Sunday morning (cd24) and it was neg. Any ideas? This has never happened to me before.


Dina - June 21

Hey Kelly~ I am so happy you posted this! I am in the excat same position. I haveposted some questions about implantation cramps because I have had cramps for about three day and no period! The cramps feel like I am going to wake up with a/f and then I don't. I started feeling these cramps on day 23 or my 32 day cycle. I think it is way too soon to be my period but I just took and preg. test today and it was negative. When are you due for a/f? Could it be time for implantation? Last time I was pregnant (and m/c at 8 weeks) I remember feeling achy for a few days, thought I was getting my period, it went a way and then I realized I was two day late and was pregnant. Wait a few days and test again. Don't worry...this sounds very normal and there is nothing medically wrong.


Nicola - June 21

Hi Kelly, the exact same thing happend to me in April, certain af was on her way and neg hpt. Anyway af still never arrived and when I tested a week later I got my bfp! 12 weeks now and still cant believe it! Are you ttc? Let me know how you get on x x x


Kelly - June 21

DINA, af is due thurs. at the latest. I usually have a 25 day cycle, but someties will go 28. Thurs. will be 28. It sounds like we have been cramping for about the same amount of time. A little over a week before af is due. I never dreamed this could be implantation cramping because I thought spotting occured w/ it. Anyway, I wish us both good luck. Lets keep each other posted. NICOLA, first of all I love your name. I may borrow it someday :) I can't believe this cramping could be due to pregnancy because I am not having any other symptoms. I am in shock right now. I hope it is!!! I do not want to get my hopes up though because I have been trying for years w/ no luck. I am on clomid now and I just went to an RE yesterday for the first time. He was very encouraging. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Is this your first? And thanks for hanging out on the ttc forum to help us girls out who are still trying :). How soon did you test when you got your neg. What brand of HPT gave the neg and pos? Just curious. I used the First response on my neg. I will keep you posted and thanks for your responses ladies!


Nicola - June 22

Hi Kelly. Well no one has ever said they love my name before, you can 'borrow' it when ever you like (hahaha). I first tested about 3 days before af was due, a bit early I know but I was already feeling really lethargic and tired and was wondering if it was just psychological! As you know it was neg, so I decided to leave it a couple of days (af never late) until af was due. I started getting really bad abdo and back cramps, headache and generally acting like a witch. All of this was very normal for me before and during af so I dropped the thought that I was pregnant. Anyway about a week later still no af and husband said one night 'you're pregnant' and he was right! I tested with first response first and clear blue second. This is not my first baby I already have a son Leon (who is 8) but this pregnancy is so different! Do you have any children? How long have you been ttc? Please keep me updated with how you get on. Good luck and tons of baby dust to you x x


Drew - June 22

Nicola, thank you for posting... It gives us all hope!!! Congratulations!! Good luck with your pregnancy and
~~~Baby Dust~~~
to the rest of us!


Kelly - June 22

Nicola, I have a 17 year old from my first marriage, but none w/ hubby now. I have been ttc for 5yrs. w/ no luck. I found out yesterday that I did ovulate on clomid this month (100mg) HOORAY!!! Fingers crossed because I am supposed to start af tomorrow. I also went to a specialist this week and he wants to go ahead a do a few test. Hormones and ultrasalpingogram (sp) on me. Sperm analysis on hubby. Then go on to IUI if everything is ok. I am not sure hubby and I can afford all of this though. Our insurance does not cover fertility. Bummer!! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and I will keep everyone posted ...we will know Friday :)


Kelly - June 22

Drew, I read on another post you are on clomid. Is this your first round? What has your progesterone been? Good luck!!!


Drew - June 23

Hi Kelly, yeah I'm on Clomid 100ng cd 3-7, and Metformin 1700mg/day. Last month was my first month on both, and they didn't do any levels but I know I ovulated cause I got my period in 33 days rather than between 60 and 90 days. So are you in the 2ww too? The most agonizing two weeks of my life but well worth it!!! Plenty of luck to you, and keep me posted! :)
~~~Baby Dust~~~


Nicola - June 23

hi Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear you have ttc for so long it must have been a real emotional rollercoaster for you! Well I will keep my fingers crosses that af doesn't arrive for you!!! Good luck and make sure you let me know!
DREW thankyou very much for the congratulations it means a lot to me. I wasn't sure if I should stop posting on here when I found out I was pregnant so it's nice that people stil want to chat. I wish you soooo much luck in ttc (I hope it hasn't been too long?). Babay dust to you all x x x x


Drew - June 24

Hi Nicola, we love to hear success stories, it gives us hope!! Keep posting and let us know how things are going. Maybe you'll spread some of your good luck!! We have been ttc for almost five years after a m/c, and diagnosis of pcos. I'm on Clomid and Metformin and ovulated last month, so were kinda getting our hopes up though I'm trying not to. Hope all goes well with you! :)


Kelly - June 25

Hello ladies, well af did arrive. But hubby and I are going for further testing next week. Excited and nervous at the same time!! I am just hoping for some answers...good, bad or indifferent :). I wish the rest of you luck and hang in there Drew. Keep us posted Nicola because I agree w/ Drew that you keep us encouraged!!


Amy - June 26

Hey nicola, do you care if i ask you a question? ok, according to calculator, i ovulated between the 16th and 18th of this month. my husband and i have had sex quite a few times that week and the 17th. He did do pull out method a couple of times and couple times just came in me. well, about 2 to 3 days past ovulation, i had some slight cramping. i was thinking that it was too early for my period to come but just incase, i kept supplies on me. ( I am not due for my period until the 1st of july or so) it never came though. i still have some slight cramping not painful but uncomfortable kinda. i told my husband that if he was not ready to have another baby that we probably should not have had unprotected sex. he just said oh well. well, he told me one night that i MIGHT be pregnant. We discovered that i was lactating from my left breast. i do not know if that could be an early sign or what though? now, i did take a first response friday morning but it came up negative. could i still have a chance of being pregnant? could it just have been too early? being i am not due for my period again until the 1st of july? please tell me what you think. what was your first pregnancy like? how soon, dpo, did you experience any signs? Yes, i have had one child but i do not remember my symptoms all that well. the only thing i remember is not thinking i was pregnant and having one last period while i was pregnant. i hope you do not mind me asking.


Nicola - June 27

Hi Kelly, I am so sorry af arrived again for you this month, please do not give up hope. Drew thank you for sharing your ttc story with me, I am glad I can bring hope to you. I wish you both all the luck in the world and will keep you in my prayers. Take care and keep me informed x x x


Nicola to Amy. - June 27

Hi Amy, first of all if your husband pulled out than you decreased the chances of conception qite a lot. I'm not sure about cramping only a couple of days past ovulation, I didn't cramp until af was due again, but I'm not an expert I can only write about my experiences. However I am sure that if you are pregnant you would not be lactating so early. I didn't have any symptoms with my first pregnancy and also had what I thought at the time were periods! This pregnancy has been very different. I'm really not sure what to think about your situation I can only advise that af is a week late then test again! Are you actually ttc as some of your post confused me as you mentioned your husband not being ready for another child? Anyway I wish you luck and let me know how you get on x


Amy - June 27

Well, my hubby started out not ready. recently, he's been acting different. hasn't told me he's ready, but there are sone signs that maybe he is now. Like, when i told him that the week we had unprotected sex quite a bit, and him cumming in me a couple times, could make for a good chance for me to get pregnant, because according to calculator, i ovulated between the 16th and 18th. it was all that week that he and i did. he just said oh well. then, last night, we had unprotected again. i asked him if he wanted to use a condom. he said, maybe little later. well, later came and he never got one. i asked him why and he said, i just changed my mind. he has me somewhat confused, but anyhow. lol. he did tell me the other night that he is kinda hoping i am. that could mean good, right? take care nicola. keep in touch. :)


Jen - June 28

Question: I have been cramping since about 8 days after possible conception. I took a First responce Early home pregnancy test this morning, which was 14 days past possible conception, and it was negative. I don't understand why I am having cramping everyday. 3 days ago, I was very nausious and light headed, and today my right breast feels a little sensitive. I don't know what to think. Did I test to early? Could I still be pregnant?



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